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What to Expect Baby-Sitter's Handbook

What to Expect Baby-Sitter's Handbook

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What to Expect Baby-Sitter's Handbook is a guide that contains everything a caregiver needs to know when minding a child, from newborn to preschooler. It's the instruction manual that should be given to every caregiver, whether full-time nanny or weekend baby-sitter. Combining the reassuring authority and trust of all the What to Expect books with a lively, accessible voice.

  • A mix of text, boxes, Q&As, and lists-plus plenty of blank space for parents to write in emergency numbers, specific instructions, and personal information about a child's likes and dislikes
  • Covers advice on feeding and diet, first aid, bathing an infant, potty-training, time-outs, rainy-day activities, sibling disputes, discipline problems, comforting a child, making play dates, even how to build a happy and healthy relationship with the child's family.
  • Includes 61 of the most common questions sitters ask, from how to make mealtimes fun to what to do if you can't bond with the baby.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

By Heidi Murkoff

With Sharon Mazel

When you put your baby in the hands of a sitter, you want to put your sitter in the hands of an expert. Certainly no hands are better qualified than those of Heidi Murkoff, author of What to Expect When You're Expecting and other bestselling childcare guides with over 37 million copies in print.

 Paperback | 262 pages
 155 x 188 x 18mm | 349g

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