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DreamMat Mattress Protector Sheets (6 colors)

DreamMat Mattress Protector Sheets (6 colors)

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DreamMat absorbent waterproof baby mattress protector sheet (0.7 x 1m) is made from super-absorbent soft fabric with a special waterproof membrane. It provides a comfortable and easy way of protecting your mattresses and sheets against bedwetting and soiling. Unlike plastic undersheets and PVC mats that are noisy, uncomfortable, unbreathable and cause perspiration, DreamMat's super-absorbent soft polyester fabric absorbs water quickly and remains silent even if your child tosses and turns on his bed, ensuring a better night's sleep! Perfect bed pad for babies, toilet training toddlers as well as pregnant and new moms!

DreamMat Waterproof Baby Mattress Protector Sheet

How to Use

Place under or over bedsheets and tuck excess at the sides under the mattress. Parents generally prefer to put over the bedsheets so you only have to wash ONE thing when there is an "accident"!

Care Instructions:

Machine Washable*/Hand Wash (40C )
Tumble Dry Low*/ Line Dry
Do not iron
Do not bleach or use solvents

* We recommend placing your Dream Mat in a washing net to protect it in the washing machine/tumble dryer.


1m x 0.7m (suitable for use on standard crib, cot bed, changing tables and prams)

Customer Reviews

"My 3 year old, who was toilet-trained in the daytime, was learning to stay dry at night.  It was a very stressful time for me because he sleeps on top of his quilt, which meant that I had to change all his bedding in the middle of the night and then wash his soiled clothes as well as his soiled quilt, quilt cover, bedsheet and mattress protector.  Using a nappy or training pants at night was not an option as he would not wake up to go to the toilet by himself.
This new product from Pupsik Studio was just the thing I was looking for as I could place it on top of all his bedding and it would be soft and comfortable for him to sleep on.  It reduced the amount of washing I would have to do and it dried so quickly that I could have it ready for his next nap time.  Toilet-training at night instantly became MUCH less stressful!  Additionally, within 2 weeks of using it, my son learned to wake up at night to go to the toilet and no longer needs a night-time nappy. 
I highly recommend this product to any parent who is ready to bite the bullet and just go nappy-free!"

Debbie Gifford, Mother of 2


"Thanks to Pupsik Studio, we had a trial using the Mattress Protector for our 3-yr old boy who's already toilet-trained for 1.5yrs but was still on diapers in his nap and in the night as he can't seem to stop his bed-wetting despite a trying time training him.

I am really thankful for the super absorbent Mattress Protector that has also proved comfortable for our boy.   To prevent wetting his mattress as well as his comforter, I actually cut the Mattress Protector into appropriate sizes that will serve as both the Mattress Protector and the blanket.  The underside of the Mattress Protector was fixed with velcro attached securely to the bedsheet to prevent shifting of the Mattress Protector.   After 2mths of using it, our boy has finally overcomed his bed-wetting.  With much encouragement and the help of the Mattress Protector, our boy has learned to hold his bladder or visit the toilet if he's really urgent.  In addition, the Mattress Protector was easy to wash and dry!  I am still using the Mattress Protector for my boy till to-date in case he has any "accidents" of bed-wetting.  A useful product worth trying to help our little ones overcome their bed-wetting during sleep."

Karen Ng, (soon-to-be) Mother of 2


Why WE Love the Dream Mat!

- Waterproof membrane ensures zero seepage and protection for your mattress

- Soft and breathable material. Unlike normal plastic protectors, the dream mat does not retain heat or water vapour so child doesn't become sweaty or sticky when using it

- Made from highly absorbent soft polyester fabric. Absorbs lots of water, quickly!

- Protects against dust mites, bateria, allergens and liquid spills

- PVC-free

- Material washes and dries quickly

- Ideal as a play or changing mat. Bottom of the sheet has a 'grippy' surface and won't scrunch up when your little one crawls on it diaper-free!

- Perfect for travel

- Great for mummies post-partum or during heavy periods or who for those who suffer incontinence (post-partum or otherwise), or even for expectant mums who are worried about breaking waters in bed!

- Available in different colors to match your bedding or nursery.

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