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Swimtrainer Classic Baby Float (3 Colours)

Swimtrainer Classic Baby Float (3 Colours)

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The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is specially designed to let babies get acquainted with water and learn correct leg movements. It offers children of all ages the necessary sense of achievement and security in the water during every stage of their development. Unlike traditional round float tubes, which can capsize and scare the child, the swimtrainer features special shoulder safety straps that position the body under angle to float, stabilizing child's position.

Features of the SWIMTRAINER offers children:

  1.   An ideal swimming position in the water
  2.   Inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
  3.   Adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards


Swimtrainer Classic sizes vary with color - please choose the color that is most appropriate to the size of your child.

All SWIMTRAINER "Classic" are made off robust PVC and have five inflatable chambers. The practical clip fastener and inflatable shoulder straps allow fast and secure fitting. Our SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is tested by TÜV & GS, meet the Australian Standard "AS 1900 - 2002 Flotation aids for water familiarization and swimming tuition" and are phthalate free.


SWIMTRAINER "Classic" was awarded the bizziebaby Award and the Family Review Center Gold Award.

CAUTION: The wearer of this swimming aid must be under constant, competent adult supervision at all times and the supervisor should be within arms reach of the wearer.



Manufacturer's Information

The valves of the Swimtrainer Classic comply with the European and Australian safety standards. At appropriate inner pressure the return flap prevents air escaping suddenly from the chamber. The return flap can lose its exact shape during packaging and transport. This fault is automatically corrected once the swimming aid has been used several times. Clean with water only. Check seams regularly for leaks by submerging the ring under water checkng for escaping bubbles. Please store dry and deflated. Inflate the air-chambers by mouth. In case of loss of air and/or damage do not use the product. Do not use in shallow water. Do not bite into the product and do not chew it - danger of suffocation. The Swimtrainer Classic is not designed for jumping into water.


Non-entitlement to warranty performance

Due to small volume of air in the stomach part the air can escape if the valve is open. This is not a production fault and cannot be the subject of complaint. If a seam is proved to have torn due to the child jumping into the water, the warranty claim is invalid. Production tolerances can lead to the fastener not always closing immediately. In this case, press the tongue on the fastener upwards until you hear the fastener click into place.

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