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Safety 1st Grow-with-Me Medicine Set

Safety 1st Grow-with-Me Medicine Set

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Safety 1st Grow-with-Me Medicine Set is a convenient kit that contains three medicine dispensing options for your growing child: a medicine dropper with spill guard, a medicine syringe, and a medicine spoon. All items allow for ease of use during measuring and dispensing and will have you covered from infant through toddler. It's fun watching your child grow, but less fun when a cold comes into the picture. This kit aids the process of feeding medicine to your little ones. 

  • Medicine dropper is designed to provide accurate dosage measurement and includes a convenient no-spill cap
  • Medicine syringe easily and accurately dispenses baby’s medicine
  • Medicine bottle adapter allows for accurate dosing from open-topped medicine bottles
  • Medicine spoon is perfect for dispensing medicine to older children

Recommended for 0+ months.

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