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Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest Generaton 5 - Yellow (2 Sizes)

Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest Generaton 5 - Yellow (2 Sizes)

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RideSafer® Delight Travel Vest Generation 5  is a revolutionary, wearable child restraint for children 3 years and up; easy, safe, convenient and legal! Makes it unnecessary to use car seat or booster seat!

  • Crash tested – meets or exceeds all Federal standards (FMVSS 213)
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and fits in your child’s backpack
  • Easy to use when traveling with children and safe in taxis
  • Saves from moving seats for carpooling or changing pickup person

Two sizes:

  • Small for children average 3-5 years old, 30-60 lbs. and 30-50" tall (minimum 3 years old and 30 pounds)
  • Large for children average 6-10 years old, 50-80 lbs. and 45-57" tall

Comes with:

  • crotch strap
  • product comes packaged in high quality mesh carry bag
  • teether strap

Differences between gen 4 and 5:

  1. new clasp design
  2. softer vecro
  3. more padding for shoulder straps

Comes with 6 months warranty against defects.


  • RideSafer meets the requirements of an approved child restraint as per the 2011 Singapore Road Traffic Rules, Wearing of Seat Belts.
  • Uber and Grab cars are not exempt from the law requiring passengers under 1.35m to use an approved child restraint appropriate to their height and weight.
  • RideSafer also complies with America's FMVSS 213 regulations which also meet the requirements of an approved child restraint in Singapore.
  • RideSafer is a US certified product.
  • It does not meet the Aus/NZ standard for child restraints. This means that the RideSafer is not legal to use in a rental car or private car in Australia. However, taxis in Sydney are exempt from the requirements to use Aus-certified child restraints for children aged 1-16 years. This means that it would be legal to use the RideSafer in a taxi in Sydney, for children over 3 years of age.

Included tether stap for use with lap-only belt or for additional upper body restraint, support and positioning with a lap-shoulder belt.

Whether you’re seeking a better alternative to the traditional booster seat or a more portable option to the forward-facing, 5-point harness, the certified RideSafer wearable car seat vest offers:

  • A unique, 3-clip design that positions the car’s seat belt comfortably and correctly with optional tether for consistent sitting position and increased security
  • Increased safety and comfort by allowing the child sit further back and lower on the more comfortable vehicle seat.
  • Lightweight and easy portability, which is great when traveling with kids.
  • cooler, less baby-ish option to traditional car seats and boosters
  • A new, patented “Houdini” proof buckle 

New buckle design:

Ridesafer New Buckle

Now the only choice you have to make for your RideSafer Travel Vest is which size and color you want and whether or not you plan to use a tether with it. (We recommend using the tether in addition to the lap-shoulder belt for additional upper body restraint and support; especially for younger children — 3 to 5ish — or children with special needs to help keep them in proper pre-crash position.)

To use the vest, put it on the child like any vest. Put the seat belt over the child, buckle and insert the seat belt into the guides on the vest.

The RideSafer Delight is adjustable in size across the chest with the Velcro and the web strap adjustments. On the back there are two adjustable straps that adjust for the comfort of the shoulder on the child using Velcro. This doesn’t really effect the way the vest performs in a crash, it is primarily for comfort. 

Instructional Videos:

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What if I'm travelling internationally? Can I use the vest? 
RideSafer vests are legal to use in all countries that recognize US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. They also hold compliance certification under China Compulsory Certification, Korean KCL and are permitted in Canada as CMVSS 213.3 custom restraints.

Restraints certified in the U.S. are usually not certified in other countries and visa versa as there are slightly different standards everywhere. Typically when traveling parents are allowed to bring in their usual child restraint. In our combined 25+ years as car seat technicians, we have not heard of anyone being ticketed for using a car seat from a different country while they were travelling.

No customers have ever reported having difficulty with using the RideSafer internationally. Though we do understand it may be a concern since the local authorities are likely not familiar with it. The RideSafer manufacturer shared this letter with us for people who take the RideSafer travelling internationally. If you decide to use the RideSafer on your international trip, perhaps bring a copy of this letter (click here) along. For specific countries, please see below. 

Can I use this vest in Canada?

For Canadian residents: Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) do not address vests and harnesses for children being transported in motor vehicles. Since there are no prescribed protocols for testing, there is no opportunity for the manufacturer to seek the National Safety Mark (NSM). CMVSS 213.3 (501-523) does however, address custom restraint systems for children with special needs. (Information provided by  Transport Canada and seen on their website under the “Special Needs” heading of the Safety Standards.)

It is with due diligence that we are informing you that Transport Canada (TC) permits the sale of our vests to Canadians under the CMVSS 213.3 provisions. We are required to notify you that a child should possess a prescription from a physician that states the Ride Safer Travel Vest is a more suitable option for the child being transported in the motor vehicle.

We do not need the prescription for the purchase, it would be for you to present should the legality ever be questioned during a traffic stop. An additional letter and prescription form should accompany your shipment. If for some reason our warehouse missed your order, please download a copy here.

For those travelling to Canada: Please see “What if I’m just travelling internationally?” above.

Can I use this vest in Europe? 

For European residents: Technically the RideSafer vest has not been certified for use in Europe.

We used to have an EU version that came with a booster seat but the manufacturer did not certify more recent models. According to the manufacturer, RideSafer cannot be certified in Europe under Regulation 44 any more because the EU is implementing a new regulation known as r129. Unfortunately, Regulation 129 is still a work-in-progress and does not yet contain the test procedures for Group 3 restraints (harness/booster). The manufacturer needs to wait until the category is described and test procedures are finalized.

For people travelling to Europe: This version of the vest cannot be sold in Europe but can be used (with or without the booster) in Europe as long as the stay in the country is not extended beyond 6-12 months (country dependent). See also… “What if I’m traveling internationally?” in the top FAQ section.

Can I use the vest in the UK? 

For UK residents: Technically the RideSafer Delight has not been certified for use in UK.

We used to have an EU version that came with a booster seat but the manufacturer made came out with the new model and has not yet certified it. We have been told the manufacturer will be certifying the RideSafer again, likely in combination with the Delighter Booster as Europe standards require a child be elevated. We do not know the time frame for this.

For those travelling to UK: Please see “What if I’m just traveling internationally?” above

Can I use the vest in Australia and New Zealand? 

For residents of Australia and New Zealand: Unfortunately, the RideSafer Travel Vest is not currently approved for use in Australia nor is it labeled with the New Zealand “S” mark for use in New Zealand.

For those traveling to Australia or New Zealand: New Zealand Transport Agency says “if you’re bringing a child restraint with you into New Zealand it must comply with one of the following approved standards… • the American standard FMVSS 213…”
A couple of travel sources say, Australia only permits seats that are approved by Australia or New Zealand, even for short term visitors. Enforcement among tourists is unknown, though, all around enforcement has been increased since 2010. Rumor has it the requirement “is enforced in Victoria (Melbourne) and New South Wales (Sydney) even if your seat is considered perfectly safe in the US or Europe.” We’ve been unable to find an official website to substantiate enforcement for tourists.

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