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Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest Generaton 5 - Blue (2 Sizes)

Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest Generaton 5 - Blue (2 Sizes)

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RideSafer® Delight Travel Vest Generation 5  is a revolutionary, wearable child restraint for children 3 years and up; easy, safe, convenient and legal! Makes it unnecessary to use car seat or booster seat!

  • Crash tested – meets or exceeds all Federal standards (FMVSS 213)
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and fits in your child’s backpack
  • Easy to use when traveling with children and safe in taxis
  • Saves from moving seats for carpooling or changing pickup person

Two sizes:

  • Small for children average 3-5 years old, 30-60 lbs. and 30-50" tall (minimum 3 years old and 30 pounds)
  • Large for children average 6-10 years old, 50-80 lbs. and 45-57" tall

Comes with:

  • crotch strap
  • product comes packaged in high quality mesh carry bag
  • teether strap 

Differences between gen 4 and 5:

  1. new clasp design
  2. softer vecro
  3. more padding for shoulder straps

Comes with 6 months warranty against defects.


  • RideSafer meets the requirements of an approved child restraint as per the 2011 Singapore Road Traffic Rules, Wearing of Seat Belts.
  • Uber and Grab cars are not exempt from the law requiring passengers under 1.35m to use an approved child restraint appropriate to their height and weight.
  • RideSafer also complies with America's FMVSS 213 regulations which also meet the requirements of an approved child restraint in Singapore.
  • RideSafer is a US certified product.
  • It does not meet the Aus/NZ standard for child restraints. This means that the RideSafer is not legal to use in a rental car or private car in Australia. However, taxis in Sydney are exempt from the requirements to use Aus-certified child restraints for children aged 1-16 years. This means that it would be legal to use the RideSafer in a taxi in Sydney, for children over 3 years of age.

Included tether stap for use with lap-only belt or for additional upper body restraint, support and positioning with a lap-shoulder belt

Whether you’re seeking a better alternative to the traditional booster seat or a more portable option to the forward-facing, 5-point harness, the certified RideSafer wearable car seat vest offers:

  • A unique, 3-clip design that positions the car’s seat belt comfortably and correctly with optional tether for consistent sitting position and increased security
  • Increased safety and comfort by allowing the child sit further back and lower on the more comfortable vehicle seat.
  • Lightweight and easy portability, which is great when traveling with kids.
  • cooler, less baby-ish option to traditional car seats and boosters
  • A new, patented “Houdini” proof buckle 

New buckle design:

Ridesafer New Buckle

Now the only choice you have to make for your RideSafer Travel Vest is which size and color you want and whether or not you plan to use a tether with it. (We recommend using the tether in addition to the lap-shoulder belt for additional upper body restraint and support; especially for younger children — 3 to 5ish — or children with special needs to help keep them in proper pre-crash position.)

To use the vest, put it on the child like any vest. Put the seat belt over the child, buckle and insert the seat belt into the guides on the vest.

The RideSafer Delight is adjustable in size across the chest with the Velcro and the web strap adjustments. On the back there are two adjustable straps that adjust for the comfort of the shoulder on the child using Velcro. This doesn’t really effect the way the vest performs in a crash, it is primarily for comfort. 

Instructional Videos:

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