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Red Castle Ergonomic Swaddle Blanket - White

Red Castle Ergonomic Swaddle Blanket - White

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Red Castle Ergonomic Swaddle Blanket is a swaddle recommended from birth to help calm the newborn by regrouping his body towards its central axis and prolonging a womb-like feeling. Swaddling is a practice widely used for centuries! In the first months of his/her life, the baby must be swaddled and contained. This swaddle is uniquely designed to allow baby freedom of movement but has gentle restraints that keep baby feeling safe and secure.

Fabric: 96% cotton, 4% elastane.

Suitable for newborn up to 12 weeks.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

Rounded shoulders and upper arms:

  • Comfort the infant by centering baby towards his/her core
  • Forearms are freed, allowing baby to touch his/her face, self soothe, coordinate hands to mouth and eyes

Crotch is wrapped 

  • Support bottom of the spine
  • Gives a feeling of support that allows baby to relax, facilitate digestion and reduce constipation

Swaddle can be secured by adjustable velcro

  • Contains baby within the swaddle, allowing better sleep
  • Legs are covered but allows room for legs to kick around

 Care: Machine washable 30°.

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