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Munchbox Midi5 Clear Tray is the clear inner tray with 5 compartments that can fit the Munchbox Maxi6. Clear trays are ideal for parents of children with allergies or food tolerances, who may not want standard food groups represented in their Munchbox. The clear trays also allow you to personalise your Munchbox by placing your own artwork or photographs below the tray, bringing another element of fun to your child's lunch. Finally, our clear trays are popular with older children and others who prefer a more understated look without pictures.

Midi5 is the newest addition to Munchbox's innovative range of interchangeable trays (when used with the Munchbox Maxi6 outer box), which includes five generously sized sections designed to suit a range of different food items, for those who want to pack bento-style, but like their snacks bigger than bite-sized!

Product contains ONE clear Midi5 Clear Tray. Lunchbox NOT INCLUDED.

Recommended for ages 3+ years.


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Note: The compartments of each tray correspond exactly with the specially patterned silicone lid, which works to lock in moisture, preventing leaks, even between compartments.

Each Munchbox product MUST be used only with its correct inner tray, i.e. Munchbox Mini4 must be used with its corresponding four compartment tray, and Munchbox Maxi6 with the six compartment tray. The patterns specific to each box and tray combination are what make it leakproof.

Trays are interchangeable only with Maxi6 outer box, i.e. Maxi6/Midi5 tray cannot be used with Mini4 outer box.

 *Using your Munchbox with an incorrect tray will void your warranty.

Compatibility Table

Munchbox Outer Box Fits Which Tray?
Mini4 Mini4
Maxi6 Maxi6, Mini4, Midi5

Maxi6, Midi5, Mini4 tray can all fit into the Maxi6 outer box. (Products in diagram NOT included. Diagram for reference only.)


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