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Janod Multi-Activity Looping Cube Toy

Janod Multi-Activity Looping Cube Toy

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Janod Multi-Activity Looping Cube Toy is a multi activity cube that is brightly coloured and the activities include a rotating mill full of wooden eggs of different sizes that can be turned using a handle, a rotating moon button, a side with a 3-wheel gear, a mirror, a caterpillar with rings that you can flip, a labyrinth for developing dexterity, 5 blocks to fit into place to learn shapes and colours and a looping wire. Each side is a different style of play. Featuring several learning activities that will keep youngsters busy for hours while at the same time learning new skills.

  • Bead maze on top and fun activities on 4 other sides of the cube
  • Top features a metal bead maze with colorful wooden balls, butterflies and clouds. Helps to develop concentration and motor skills
  • Side 1: 'wooden eggs' of different sizes in a rotating mill with a handle for children to turn, a rotating moon knob that makes a clicking sound to stimulate hearing
  • Side 2: mirror to see your own reflection, caterpillar's body parts can be flipped over and there is a 3-wheel cog system to learn dexterity and cause & effect.
  • Side 3: Tree with a track maze. Move the leaves, butterfly and bee around the tree maze to develop dexterity or spin the shapes in the egg to see how they fall.
  • Side 4: 5 piece shape sorter assists in the learning of shapes and colours with a handy slot to reach in and retrieve your pieces
  • The maze can be flipped over and stored inside the cube, creating a flat surface to sit on or to store away the cube toy.
  • Adorably designed and vibrantly painted wooden cube.

Suitable for 18 months - 3 years.

Dimensions 32.5 x 33.2 x 50.3 cm (12.8 x 13.1 x 19.8")

Material(s) Wood (plywood and MDF), metal

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