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Imani i2+ Handsfree Single Electric Breast Pump (Single)

Imani i2+ Handsfree Single Electric Breast Pump (Single)

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Imani i2+ Handsfree Single Electric Breast Pump is a compact handsfree design breast pump that gives you the convenience to discreetly pump anytime and anywhere. Featuring a sleeker and more compact form factor and performance you can rely on. The Imani i2+ has LCD screen display that allows mummies to track how long they have pumped (timer), the mode they are on  (massage/expression), levels of intensity (level 1 to 5) and also battery life! With new cup material - PA that's a better quality plastic material which allows for steam sterilisation.  Extremely quiet with no audible whooshing sounds!  Gone were the days of huge motors, tubes, or wires to carry and silence the blaring whooshing sound that attracts unwanted attention. Simply slip it under your bra and relax! Small enough to be worn under your bra to pump. Very compact and all-in-one design. Perfect for returning to work mummies to pump at your work desk!

Care: Suitable for UV sterilization, boiling and steam sterilization. Please ensure the heat is turned off and for no more than 30 seconds.  Please refer to the instruction manual. 

  • Handsfree: wear under your bra and keep both hands free!
  • Single unit for single-side pumping
  • Flange 25mm ⁄ Insert 21mm
  • Powerful strength for optimum performance 
  • Auto shut-off in 20 minutes
  • Digital LCD display for pumping time, mode, levels on intensity and battery life
  • Clear transparent cup Essten 
  • 2 modes: Massage & Expression (5 levels per mode) 
  • Cup capacity 200ml (7oz)
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts 2.5 hours for easy on-the-go pumping
  • Type-C Charging
  • Small and light (156g)
  • Soft, silicone breast flanges, tip cap to close the pouring hole to prevent milk spillage
  • Backflow protection against contamination
  • Customised massage mode setting for comfort 
  • All-in-one electric breast pump 
  • Compatible with i2+ charging dock (sold separately)
  • Made in Korea

Charging requires a certified adapter with an output of 5Vdc, 1 - 3A.

This product comes with 25mm breast shield and a 21mm insert:

Imani breast pump comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for the main pump. There is no warranty for the pump components and accessories. The warranty period covers one year from the date of purchase or date of birth of baby, whichever is later. Click here for warranty claim information.

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i2+ pump is connected directly to the handsfree cup, i.e. no tubes needed.
Integrated handsfree cup allows breastmilk to be pumped directly into the cup
Totally Hands-Free. Wear it under your bra!

Pump Set Includes:

  • Electrical Breast Pump Motor
  • Breast Milk Collector Cup
  • Default Flange and Insert Options: Flange 25mm ⁄ Insert 21mm
  • Valve
  • Protector
  • Connector

Handsfree Cup:

  • Capacity: 7 Oz, 200ml
  • Height: 69mm
  • Funnel Diameter (Mouth): 109mm
  • Clear Cup with volume markings
  • Large hole for pouring milk
  • Tip to close the hole to prevent milk spillage
  • Cup Material: PA (Upgraded materials, can be steam sterilised)

I2 Plus Body: 

  • Size: W75mm x L60mm x H56mm
  • Weight: 156g

*Spare breast pump parts can be purchased. Click here to go the Imani brand page to browse available breast pump parts.

Imani hands-free cup can be used with other breastpumps, simply attach an imani handsfree cap (click here) to your cup. 



Cup with volume markings and large hole for pouring milk.


Technical Specification

Memory Function:

Digital LCD Display:

2 (Massage, Express)

Suction Strength:
Max at 300mmHg

Cup Material:
PA (Upgraded material)

Breastshield Material:

Sterilization Method:
✔ Boiling (3-5 minutes)
✔ UV (Below 80°C)
✔ Steam

Default Flange and Insert Options:
— Flange 25mm ⁄ Insert 21mm

Running Time:
Approx 2.5 hours

Charging Time:
3 hours

20 minutes


Charging Cable:

*Do not use cables other than the original pump cable to charge as it may damage the pump. Warranty will be voided if pump damage is due to the unsuitable cable used.



Care Instruction

  • Suitable for UV, Steam and Boiling sterilization (no longer than 30 sec).
  • Please refer to instruction manual
  • Any damage cause will not be covered by warranty. 

Differences between Imani i2 and i2+

1. The i2+ came out after the i2. Is the i2+ better than the i2?
In terms of performance, there is no significant difference between the i2 and the i2+. Both versions work well as hands-free pumps.

2. What are the main differences between the i2 and i2+?
The key difference is the type of display on the pumps. i2 has a more simple look with indicator lights, while the i2+ sports an LCD display. The i2+ is also compatible with the charging dock, allowing both pumps to be charged at the same time.

3. Are the cups for both models the same?
Both models come with clear cups and silicone flanges. The imani i2 used to come with classic cups with polypropylene plastic flanges, but we have since standardised all cups on both models to clear cups. 

4. Which model should I choose?
You should decide on an appropriate model depending on your budget and preference on the type of screen.

5. What is the difference between new redesigned i2+ and older i2+?
Apart from the new look, the new i2plus motor will be slightly smaller in size, with other specs being the same. 

I2+ New Redesign: 

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