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Grabease First Self Feeding Utensil Set - Baby Spoon & Fork (12 Colours)

Grabease First Self Feeding Utensil Set - Baby Spoon & Fork (12 Colours)

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Grabease First Self Feeding Utensil Set is one set of spoon and fork with choke guard perfectly sized for babies. Grabease utensils are one of the safest way for toddlers to start self-feeding. Grabease are designed to give toddlers the opportunity to eat independently with a proportional tool for their natural hand grasp and motion with a choke protection shield.

  • Ergonomic handle for a more natural hand feeding motion.
  • Choke Guard serves as a protection barrier to prevent toddler from choking on utensil
  • Compact sized, perfect for diining out
  • Great utensil starter for children in their baby led weaning stage to toddler eating.
  • Safe for baby self-feeding to promote confidence during independent eating.
  • Occupational Therapist Recommended for children's finger strength development.
  • Complies with all USA regulations - BPA Free, non-toxic plastic, Phthalates free.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Beautiful, chic packaging makes it great as a gift
  • Comes with either a travel pouch or case 
  • Lenth: 3 inches

NEW FEATURE - Handle with matt surface for stain-proof function - ONLY APPLIES FOR SELECTED COLOURS: Forest Green, Black

Recommended for babies 6+ months.
Note that the product comes with either a travel case or pouch, which will be randomly assigned. Refer to product images for case/pouch.

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  • Wash before use, dishwasher safe, never leave a baby unattended with product.
  • GrabEase has been tested and complies with all USA regulations.

*This is not a teething toy. The utensils should be used only at mealtime for feeding. 

Designed in California.


Does your toddler struggle with long-handled Baby Cutlery?

Here’s Why!
Traditional Baby and Toddler cutlery is really just adult cutlery scaled down. Let’s place a long-handled spoon next to a 12-month old’s forearm. It’s the same length! As a result, if an adult ate with a spoon that was the same proportions we’d be eating from a serving spoon.
The solution? Short-handled baby cutlery!

This is where Grabease comes in. The only Baby and Toddler cutlery set designed with your childs size in mind.
Small hands need small cutlery! We’ve created a short, ergonomic handle shaped like a tear-drop. This shape nurtures fine motor skills such as the pincer grip and pencil grasp because it works with a baby’s natural vertical hand-hold. As a result, the fork or spoon sits in your baby’s palm creating an extension of the fingers. Consequently making it easier to take the cutlery from bowl to mouth. Hence why grabease are highly recommended by Occupational Therapists.

Our other most noteable features are the choke guard for safety and food grade BPA and Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic plastic. Recommended from 6 months.

Grabease Fork and Spoon set are revolutionary. It’s the only cutlery choice for independent self-feeding from Baby to Toddler!

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