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Globber Go Bike Duo Balance Bike - White Red

Globber Go Bike Duo Balance Bike - White Red

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Globber Go Bike Duo Balance Bike is a reversible kids balance bike that is designed with a reversible balance bike frame that allows you to transform the bike frame from a low frame position with a double-width wheel into a high frame position with a single rear wheel. This provides more versatility as your child grows and masters balance, coordination and motor skills! Designed to be the ultimate, lightweight balance bike to teach your child essential motor skills and master balance before they transition to their first pedal bike. Adjustable features allow your child to take as long as needed to master their balance.

  • Toddler balance bike for girls and boys aged 2-5 (upto 20kg)
  • 2-stage dual rear wheel design - quickly and easily change the balance bike from a dual rear wheel low frame for learning how to balance, to a single rear wheel high frame position for continued product usage when balance is mastered
  • Comes with 2 rear EVA foam wheels for extra support when it comes to learning how to balance on a toddler balance bike 
  • Tool-less, removable footrest - allows toddlers to comfortable rest both feet on the balance bike 
  • 8 Height adjustable seat with 4 heights per frame position)
  • Made of soft PU and 2-height adjustable handlebars with TPR ergonomics grips
  • Robust steel frame, metal handlebars and highly resistant EVA foam puncture-free wheels (215mm, 8.5")
  • A thicker padded seat that provides more comfort for longer distance

Recommended for ages 2-5 years.

This product comes with 6 months warranty.

GO BIKE’s toddler bike is designed to teach children all essential motor skills and balance before transitioning to their first pedal bike. Thanks to its 2-stage reversible frame and the transformable dual rear wheel, to always adapts to the toddlers’ needs.

Designed to teach children all essential motor skills and balance before transitioning to their first pedal bike thanks to its 2-stage reversible frame and the transformable dual rear wheel, to always adapts to the toddlers’ needs.

Coming with a well-designed, 2-stage robust steel frame with a low and a high position and its transformable dual rear wheel allowing the product to switch from low frame position to high frame position and remove one of the 2 rear wheels when your child master his / her balance for better adaptability!

2-height adjustable and curved handlebars with soft, and highly durable TPR ergonomic grips and an 8-height adjustable seat with soft, anti-slip TPR, for maximum product usage for kids aged 2+.

2 highly resistant 8.5” EVA foam wheels for puncture-free rides.

EASY TO CARRY BALANCE BIKE| Ergonomic handle, made from soft TPR, is integrated in the rear of the seat to easily carry the GO BIKE DUO wherever you go.

It has an upright riding position like ordinary bikes, and you can adjust the seat height and handlebar height. With no stabilisers or pedals, children initially push themselves along with their feet and develop to riding with both feet off the ground, and there is a built-in foot plate to rest their feet on. This technique of learning to steer and improving balance, allows them to mature to a regular pedal bike usually without the need for stabilisers. While they are in this mode, the bike also has 2 back wheels positioned close together to give them extra support.

The steel frame has a trick too; in its first low position it has the double back wheel but as they grow you can flip the frame over to give a higher frame position with a single rear wheel giving even more versatility as your child grows and masters balance. Despite the steel frame, it is still lightweight and your little one will have no trouble using it. The tyres are made from highly resistant EVA foam giving a puncture free ride any time they want to use it. The bike can be used from 2 years old and should last them until they are 5, depending on their height. The bike comes with an 8-height adjustable saddle (4 heights per frame) and 2-height adjustable handlebars.

We all know children get tired or bored while they are out and as a parent, you are often left to carry whatever 'vehicle' they are using. Globber have considered this and built in an area of the seat, made of soft, anti-slip TPR with finger grooves to allow easy carrying. Globber have also included a reflective design on the front of the t-bar, to keep them extra safe while you are out and about.

Specifications (Padded Seats)

Age range 2 to 5Y
Recommended User Height 85cm to 105cm
Max User Weight 20kg
Foldable No
Adjustable Yes
Seat heights

Low frame position: 29.4, 31.8, 34 & 36.2cm (from the ground),

High frame position: 33, 34.8, 37.1 & 39.8cm (from the ground)

Wheels size 215mm
Wheels material EVA foam
Product weight 3.03kg


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