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Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Teat (Narrow-Neck), 2pk (5 Sizes)

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Teat (Narrow-Neck), 2pk (5 Sizes)

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Dr. Brown's New Style Teat (Narrow-Neck) are teats that fit narrow-neck Dr. Brown milk feeding bottles, made of super-soft, high-grade silicone. Each nipple level provides a different flow rate. All of these bottle nipples vary in size and shape. From the Preemie Flow nipple, which limits the flow to tiny mouths to the Y-Cut nipple which literally utilizes a “Y”-shaped opening to allow for greater milk flow, you’ll find the bottle nipple that’s the perfect fit for your baby’s feeding needs.

  • BPA-free
  • The nipple has a traditional profile
  • Made of super-soft, 100% silicone
  • The Dr. Brown’s™ Narrow Nipple fits all Dr. Brown’s™ Narrow Bottles.
  • Available in 6 sizes, 0 to 9+ months

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

Nipple Size Chart

Compatible with all Dr Brown's Narrow Neck Bottles: 


Is it necessary to only use Dr Brown's teats on my Dr Brown's bottles?

Because the Dr Brown's baby bottle is fully vented it requires a unique teat. Other bottles have a vacuum inside that restricts the flow of liquid, and because of the vacuum the teat on these bottles tend to have a very large hole. Using one of these teats on a Dr Brown's baby bottle could result in feeding your baby much too fast, possibly causing the baby to choke.

Can I use Dr Brown's teats on other brands of bottles?

Dr Brown's teats are of the highest quality. However they are specifically designed for the Dr Brown's baby bottles and should not be used on other brands of bottles. The Dr Brown's teat does not have a vacuum operated rim-vent like other brands of bottles. If a Dr Brown's teat is used on an un-vented bottle the baby may experience feeding difficulties and could experience the discomfort commonly described as colic.

What level teat should I use for my baby?

While there are age recommendations listed for each of our nipple levels, there really is no right or wrong time to change your baby's nipple level. Every baby is different; some babies will be perfectly content using level one throughout their bottle-feeding days, while others are more aggressive eaters and need to advance to the next level. Your baby will let you know if and when the time comes to change levels. Below are some signs to look for from your baby. When you notice any of these signs, it usually means that the baby is not getting a fast enough flow and it is time to move up a level. Please remember, if these signs never occur then there is no need to change anything.

  • Baby is taking longer to finish eating.
  • Baby becomes fussy or irritated while eating.
  • Baby falls asleep during the feeding.

Basic age recommendations are as follows:

  • LEVEL PREEMIE – Slower flow than level 1. For babies that level 1 seems too fast.
  • LEVEL ONE – Newborn to 3 Months
  • LEVEL TWO – 3 Months+
  • LEVEL THREE – 6 Months
  • LEVEL FOUR – 9 Months+ Designed for thicker substances.
  • LEVEL Y-CUT – 9 Months+ Designed for thicker substances.

Options Bottles with New Style Teats and Original Blue Vent Bottles with New Style Teats

For the Original Blue Vent Natural Flow bottles although New Style teats can be used, the original flat-based teats has the best results. As for the Green Options bottle, it is advisable to use the New Style teats.

When using New Style teats for both Nautral Flow and Options bottle, we advise to tighten the collar down to ensure this scalloped base has a tight fit to the rim of the bottle. 

To determine which style teat you have can be seen by looking under the rim of the teat. As you can see in the photo below, the ‘New Style’ teats have a scalloped base.

New Style Teat Natural Flow Bottle Options Bottle

As with our previous range, if you use powdered formula and mix it by shaking the bottle, liquid can get into the vent which can cause further leaking. The solution for this is to mix the formula by stirring it with a spoon rather than by shaking.

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