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Candide Panda Pad Premium

Candide Panda Pad Premium

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The Candide Panda Pad Premium - a uniquely designed pillows and sleeping pad set for babies. Developed by observing how babies sleep, Panda Pad Premium encourages babies to sleep in the advised sleeping position (on the back) while allowing them full freedom of movement. With a panda head pillow, 2 baby wedge pillows and a sleeping pad, this set can be brought anywhere and placed on any cot and bed for your baby's sleeping comfort

  • P'tit Panda pillow: visco-elastic cushion to prevent flat head. Can also be used alone (carriages, cradles, beds ...)
  • Ergonomic baby wedges: small little pillows to wedge in between arms and body. to keep baby on his back, while allowing freedom of movement thanks to its specific form.
  • Universal: fits all cots
  • Flaps and buttons at the back of the sleeping pad to secure any padded support to the sleeping pad for baby to lie on.

*Does not come with elevated mattress support.

*Recommended for babies 0 - 6 months.

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Product Details:

  • Positions the baby on their back, which is the position recommended by the medical specialists
  • Ergonomic cushion reduces flat head
  • The foam wedges prevent the baby from turning over and keeps babies on their backs in a natural sleep position.
  • Their beveled shape of the cushion helps them find a good position for their arms and is easily adjusted with the self-adhesive straps.
  • All of the elements are removable and adjustable to fit the baby’s body size
  • The Panda Pad can be installed on a 15° cot wedge 
  • Size: 62 x 40 x 10 cm. 


  • Babywedge - Fabric : 100% cotton, Lining : 100% cotton, Fill : 100% Polyuréthane
  • PAD - Fabric : 100% cotton, Fill : 100% polyester
  • PANDA Pillow - Fabric : 100% cotton, Fill : 100% Polyuréthane

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