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Biomom Baby Bear Medicine Feeder (2 Colors)

Biomom Baby Bear Medicine Feeder (2 Colors)

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Biomom Baby Bear Medicine Feeder is a cute and innovative way to make medicine time less stressful for babies and parents. The feeder is shaped like a friendly bear, with a soft silicone face that babies will love to nuzzle! The nozzle is specially designed to be anti-choking thanks to it Y-shape to prevent liquid from going directly into a baby's throat and dispersing contents into two direction. The feeder is equipped with precise measurement markings, allowing caregivers to easily administer the correct dosage. Its ergonomic design promotes a secure grip for parents or caregivers, ensuring accurate and stress-free medication delivery. The transparent reservoir allows for easy monitoring of the liquid, and the overall construction is easy to disassemble and clean! Comes with a travel case for compact and easy carrying! 

  • Contains 1 x Bear Medicine Feeder and 1 x measuring cup 
  • Y-shaped nozzle for anti-choking, disperses contents in two directions
  • Comes in travel case for hygiene and convenience
  • Small cleaning brush included to reach hard-to-reach areas
  • Transparent design for easy dose control
  • Ensuring accurate and stress-free medication delivery
  • Fuss-free medicine feeder

Recommended for 0M+


How to Use: 

  • Pour the medicine into the measuring cup (with markings for 20/15/10/5ml).
  • Use the PP tube to draw up the medicine.
  • Push the silicone nipple feeding head onto the PP tube
  • Put the nipple deep into the baby's mouth and press the plunger to push the medicine through to dispense.
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