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Youha The One Double Electric Breast Pump

Youha The One Double Electric Breast Pump

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Youha The One Double Electric Breast Pump is a breast pump that allows both single and double pumping. It is a high-quality, closed system breast pump that prevents backflow of breast milk into tubing and motor. A complete pumping set that includes breast pump, bottles, cooler bag and more! Ideal for use at home or at the office. Designed for mothers to be able to pump anytime you like, wherever you like. Compatible with the Youha Handsfree Wearable Express Cups (sold separately, not included), collection cups that can be worn under your bra to achieve a hands-free, more versatile and enjoyable way to express breastmilk.

  • 3 main modes: Massage (prepare the breast for pumping), Simulation (imitates regular baby sucking rhythm), Deep Expression (slower, stronger, continuous suction, not recommended for beginners)
  • Also with mixed and manual modes to allow more customization
  • Memory function - switch on and it starts on the same mode that you last used
  • Lock screen function can be used while the pump is switched on or off to prevent accidental press on the LED touch panel
  • Closed system pump prevents backflow, thanks to the silicone diaphragm/membrane that acts as a backflow protector
  • Y-shape tubing connector allows double and single pumping. For double pumping, connect the tubings to the membrane and the pump unit. For single pumping, insert the unused tubing back into the tubing connector so that it closes the vacuum loop
  • Auto shut off after 30 min (it is not recommended for exceed 30 min per session)
  • Rechargeable breast pump with battery indicator
  • Can operate without being connected to power supply, allows you to pump remotely
  • Ultra silent motor: 40-60 dB only
  • Stylish easy to use smart LED touch panel screen
  • Sleek, small, Compact, Lightweight (300 g)
  • All parts that come in contact with breastmilk are free from Bisphenol A (BPA) and Diethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP).
  • Youha wide-neck bottles are compatible with other regular wide-necked brands (e.g. Spectra, Philips Avent, etc). (e.g. Use Youha One to pump into Spectra bottle, or vice versa use Spectra to pump into Youha bottle)
  • Compatible with Youha Handsfree Wearable Express Collection Cups (sold separately, not included) for hands-free pumping

This product comes with a 12-month warranty from time of purchase on product faults (for pump unit only, does not apply to pump parts).

Click here to purchase Youha Handsfree Wearable Express Cups.

This product comes with 24 & 27 mm breast shield.

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Click here to shop for 18mm, 20mm and 22mm inserts.  (Used to reduce size of 24mm breast shield)


What's Included:

  • 1x Youha The ONE motor unit
  • 2x 24mm breast shields
  • 2x 27mm breast shields
  • 2x breast shield converter (21mm)
  • 2x dust cap
  • 4x valve
  • 2x 210ml PPSU bottle (updated design - see main image)
  • 2x teat with lid (teats suitable for 0-3 months)
  • 2x storage lid
  • 1x single tubing
  • 1x ice pack & cooler bag (cooler bag may come in different colours. choice of colour not available)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x tubing connector
  • 1x Y-shape tubing
  • 2x membrane cap
  • 2x membrane
  • 2x valve base

Warranty Information: 12-month warranty included. Always keep the inside of the silicone diaphragm DRY, or else the liquid/breastmilk will enter the pump during use. Pump damage due to liquid/breastmilk entering the pump will not be covered under warranty.


Youha The One Double Electric Breast Pump

Comes with breast shield converters to convert breast shield nipple size from 24 mm to 21 mm. Breast shield converters are silicone massaging flange inserts that feature soft massage cushions to be gentle and comfortable on your breasts when pumping.

Comes with teat for feeding and storage cap to store breastmilk. Pump, feed and store breast milk in one bottle!

Comes with 4 breast shields (2x 24mm, 2x 27mm)

Comes with (6oz / 180ml) PPSU bottles made of food grade material

Comes with breast shield dust caps to cover your flanges when not in use


All parts detachable for easy cleaning

All parts are detachable, including removable breast shields allows for easy cleaning for every single part. You can disassemble and focus cleaning on the parts in contact with the milk, so that other parts that are not in contact with milk do not wear out too quickly.


Using the Breast Shield Converter (21mm)



Using the Lock Screen Function

3 Modes: Massage, Simulation, Deep Expression

Massage mode will run for two minutes and then automatically change to the express mode used when the pump was last turned off.

If you feel the letdown sooner, or when breastmilk begins to flow, press Mode key to change from massage to express mode.

You can press Mode again to change to deep express mode (this is not recommended for beginners).

Use the Increase and Reduce buttons to choose the level that is most comfortable for you.

Massage, Simulation & Deep Expression modes have 6 levels each.

Note: Pump will automatically shut off after 30 minutes (as it is commonly recommended not to exceed 30 minutes of expressing per session).

  • Massage: 38~180 mmHg
  • Simulation: 53~310 mmHg


Mixed & Manual Modes

Mixed mode feature: cycles of massage mode in between each express or deep express mode cycle to stimulate more breastmilk flow

If you are on express or deep express mode and you feel a little uncomfortable or want to stimulate more breastmilk flow, you may wish to try mixed mode. Mixed mode adds cycles of massage mode in between each express or deep express mode cycle.

Manual mode feature: customise both the vacuum strength and cycle length to suit you

If you find that the three preset modes (Massage, Express and Deep Express) aren’t quite right for you, you might like to try manual mode. Manual mode gives you the ability to customise both the vacuum strength and cycle length to suit you.


*For full set of detailed instructions on how to operate the different modes, refer to instruction manual included with product. The manual includes usage, cleaning & care instructions that you have to read through VERY carefully and FOLLOW correctly in order for the pump to be working on top condition, to avoid issues e.g. loss of suction, pump parts wear out easily, motor unit spoil, etc.


  • Built-in lithium battery design
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: 12V, 1A
  • Suction: 38~360 mmHg
  • Cycle: 17-118 times per min
  • Size: 95 x 95 x 60 mm

Technology from Switzerland. 100% European standard.

*Refer to contents list above for what you will receive EXACTLY. Do not refer to videos below for what you will receive. Videos belows may feature additional products and accessories that are not included.

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