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Sofzsleep Bamboo Junior Bolster Cover

Sofzsleep Bamboo Junior Bolster Cover

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Sofzsleep Bamboo Junior Bolster Cover is a bamboo cover for Sofzsleep Junior Bolster. Equipped with our signature thermal-regulating and allergy-resistant properties, our BAMBOO COVER provides superb breathability and comfort. It features maximum protection against dust mites and allergens while giving your baby a soft and comfortable sleep. Prolong the lifespan of your Sofzsleep product with our BAMBOO COVER. Promotes a comfortable and restful sleep for your baby and you. 

  • Natural ventilation for a cool and refreshing comfort.
  • More than 45% natural fibre.
  • Thermal-regulating and allergy-resistant 
  • High ability to release moisture while providing breathability and softness.
  • Bamboo has a unique natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant fibre. 
  • Sanitized® treatment helps to prevent the development of moulds, dust mites and fungi.
  • Bamboo fibre fabric has 4 times more permeability than cotton fabric.
  • Premium bamboo yarn made in Belgium.
  • Size: 60 x 10 cm

Suitable for use with Sofzsleep Soft Latex Junior Bolster.

*This product is not a bolster case, it is a cover that protects the latex bolster. Bolster not included.

Care instructions for Bamboo cover

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not soak
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Dry Clean
  • Machine wash below 30℃ on a delicate setting; shrinkage may occur


The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. The certification aims to guarantee that the certified products are free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, toxic dyes, crop protection substances, and carcinogenic substances like formaldehyde and therefore safe for human health and the environment too.
Our products conform to the EuroLatex Eco Standard, which defines the maximum acceptable limits of substances considered harmful to health. The certification attests that our products are safe and pose no risk to the sleeper.
The LGA is a German certification which is awarded to mattresses that meet the durability criteria. It encompasses passing a durability test (most certified mattresses last seven to ten years), no strong odor, limited volatile organic compound (VOC) and formaldehyde emissions, strict limits on substances that are toxic carcinogenic, or that may impair fertility, such as flame retardants, heavy metals, azo dyes, pesticides, etc.
Sofzsleep products have been shown to have an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, based on the tests performed by the Centexbel, the scientific and technical research centre of the Belgian textile industry – Report 8375/8276.
Sofzsleep pillow and Bamboo cover were tested by Intertek, a global renowned laboratory. They were certified to be free from formaldehyde, organic tin, azo dyes, Nonylphenol (NP) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEO) – CNS15290 . The materials have also been found to comply with CNS15503, the general fire safety requirements for children’s products.
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