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Evorie Tritan Sippy Cup Bottle Gravity Spare Straw Replacement

Evorie Tritan Sippy Cup Bottle Gravity Spare Straw Replacement

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Evorie Sippy Cup Bottle Gravity Straw Replacement is a gravity straw replacement for the Evorie Tritan Gravity Straw Sippy Cup Water Bottle. This weighted straw allows for multi-angle drinking. Perfect for toddlers!

  • Includes 1x straw 
  • BPS and BPA Free
  • Innovative 360° gravity straw allows for multi-angle drinking
  • Integrated anti-leak valve ensure NO leaks and spills
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and clean (Dishwasher safe)

*Only compatible with Evorie Tritan Gravity Straw Sippy Cup Water Bottle (200ml) (sold separately, click here)


Suitable for 6 mths+.

Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Evorie Tritan Gravity Straw Sippy Cup Water Bottle


  • In order to ensure hygiene, please clean and sterilise all parts (except straw) in boiling water for 5 minutes before first usage.
  • Do ensure sufficient water when boiling to avoid damage to product.
  • Please soak product in warm water immediately after use and use a milk bottle cleanser to clean thoroughly.
  • Avoid using sharp objects to clean product. (may cause damage to product)



  • Drinking cup can be sterilized in boiling water for 5 minutes after it has been cleaned completely.
  • When boiling to sterilize, please ensure sufficient water in the pot; water levels should ideally be 2cm above the submerged product.
  • Please use a wide and deep pot to allow space for movement during the boiling process and avoid contact with pot walls that can exceed 100°C in order to prevent damage to product.
  • Please use sterilizing tongs to remove nursing bottle after water has cooled in order to prevent deforming of bottle caused by high temperatures.
  • Boiling to sterilize not advised for venting system tube as tube might come into contact with walls of pot that are high in temperature, leading to deformities.
  • Please follow instructions of electrical steam sterilizer user manual for steam sterilizing.
  • This drinking cup cannot be sterilized using microwave.
  • The temperature of product is very high after sterilising, please be careful to avoid burns.
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