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Doddl Baby Knife, Fork & Spoon Set (12m+) - 3 Colors

Brand Doddl

Doddl Baby Knife, Fork & Spoon Set (12m+) - 3 Colors

Brand Doddl
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Doddl has been designed specifically for children, enabling them to use cutlery successfully and with ease, building independence, confidence and ability. Doddl helps your child develop skills, build confidence and make the successful transition to adult cutlery. Compact, comfortable and easy to hold; Doddl helps children effectively direct food into their mouths; aiding better hand eye coordination and improve motor skills. Non-slip, soft touch materials are expertly placed so children instinctively use a 'pincer' grip; a key skill required for writing, drawing and using adult cutlery correctly. The unique Doddl knife is designed to cut through food (not skin) and nestles in the palm, enabling children to utilize the strength of their hand and arm to cut through food safely. The Doddl knife offers a safe alternative to a kitchen knife. Children can enjoy participating in food preparation and cooking - a great way to get children interested in healthy eating. Long lasting - helps transition to adult cutlery.

Main Features:

  • Suitable from 12 months – 5 years
  • Handles are contoured to perfectly fit your child’s hand
  • Certified to standard EN 14372
  • Develops skills and confidence
  • Approved by experts and certified safe for children
  • Award winning
  • Dishwasher safe and long lasting
  • Manufactured using high quality plastic and stainless-steel materials
  • Encourages pincer grip development, needed for drawing and writing
  • Easy to control with comfortable palm-sized handles

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  • The handles of Doddl cutlery sit within your child’s hand, with the main body nestling comfortably in their palm.
  • Expertly placed and colorful soft touch areas encourage your child to intuitively open up their fingers and ‘pinch’ the cutlery helping them progress from the basic palmar grip to the more advanced ‘pincer grip’ (which a core motor skill they’ll need to hold a pencil, use scissors and, in time, use adult cutlery
  • Ambidextrous, Doddl cutlery encourages your child to work out, at their own pace, which is their dominant hand, whilst at the same time improving the communication between both sides of their brain – supporting all round cognitive development
  • The Doddl knife supports your child’s developing wrist muscles helping them to continually build strength and control
  • The Doddl fork can be easily rotated within the palm for both stabbing and scooping, offering your child options on how best to tackle their food
  • The compact design assists hand-eye coordination. No more waving the cutlery around like a weapon ready to unleash food fury on all surrounding surfaces
  • With these developing skills and dexterity your little person will quickly become a pro at


As a business, we’re here to create functional solutions, but there’s nothing wrong with making them look good too.

  • Handle sits comfortably within your child’s hand
  • Much easier to grip and control than standard children’s cutlery
  • Soft-touch areas enable correct finger placement


  • Encourages ‘pincer’ grip, which is an important development milestone
  • Fork prongs are functionally sharp, but certified safe
  • Handle easily rotates in your child’s hand, so they can switch between scooping and stabbing


  • Unique and functional design
  • Supports your child’s hand and wrist whilst cutting through food
  • Blade of the knife is effective at safely cutting food but not your child.
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