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Beaba Babycook Cleaning & Descaling Liquid, 500ml

Beaba Babycook Cleaning & Descaling Liquid, 500ml

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Beaba Babycook Cleaning & Descaling Liquid is created specifically for cleaning and descaling your Babycook. Keep your Babycook squeaky clean and running in top condition with this cleaning liquid, without fearing that you may spoil your Babycook. Certain cleaning chemicals may be harmful to the Babycook and cause it to spoil easily. This agent ensures your Babycook is well taken care of. 

  • Eliminates limescale: For proper operation and preservation fo the appliance.
  • Optimizes cooking conditions.
  • High level decomposition of mineral sediments: Adapted to all water hardness.
  • For all Babycook appliances only

How To Clean Your Babycook

Making your own baby food at home with Babycook is a decision that will improve your baby’s health and will save you time and money. Say goodbye to overspending on groceries! You might be impressed that Babycook gives you the ability to steam cook and blend any food in 15 minutes or less, but how do you clean it after you’re done? It’s simple – just follow this guide to learn how to clean Babycook in no time at all.

How to descale (clean) your Babycook® reservoir

We recommend descaling (cleaning) your Babycook® reservoir every 6-8 uses. The Babycook® and Babycook® Plus's steam light will turn red as a recommended cleaning alert (or "cycle counter"). However, the Babycook® Original and Babycook® Original Plus does not have this feature. Should you ever notice your steam cycles running shorter than usual or there is water remaining in the reservoir after the steam cycle completes, it is time to descale your machine.

Ensuring the device is cold and not connected to power supply, pour 1 cup of Beaba Babycook descaling liquid into the reservoir. Allow the liquid to soak in your reservoir overnight. Empty the liquid into your sink and check to make sure all build-up (non-toxic limescale) has been removed. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Once build-up is removed, plug in the device and complete two steaming cycles using water to ensure your reservoir is cleaned of any debris. Clean the mixing bowl and accessories with warm, soapy water.

For the Babycook® and Babycook® Plus, you will need to reset your cycle counter (if your steam button was red). Locking your bowl(s) and lid(s) into place, plug in the machine and then hold the steam button for approximately 30 seconds (until the light turns white again).

Never use a chemical descaler or a coffee machine descaler in the water reservoir!

Bowl and Accessories

The blending bowl, lid, basket, blending cover and blade are safe for the top-rack of your dishwasher. However, we recommend hand washing these items with warm and soapy water to make sure they last as long as possible! Be sure to clean these accessories every time they make contact with food to eliminate germs.

The Babycook Itself

Sometimes the outer surface of your Babycook gets dirty. When this happens, unplug it and use a cleaning wipe or slightly damp paper towel to clean it. Once the surface is clean, dry it with a kitchen towel.

That’s all there is to it! With a baby food maker that’s so easy to clean, you can get right back to making delicious food for your baby or even your whole family to enjoy – after you take a quick nap, of course.


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How do I descale Babycook® ?

When the steam button turns red, it is necessary to descale the heating reservoir. The appliance is equipped with a cycle counter which indicates when your product requires descaling (50 cycles).

Follow the instructions for descaling; you can find the instructions in your manual or on this site.

Instructions on how to descale your Babycook®:

  • Only the BEABA Descaling Liquid for Babycook.
  • Never use a chemical descaler or a coffee machine descaler in the reservoir.
  • Never warm the BEABA Cleaning product for BABYCOOK. This is a cold unheated process.


  1. Unplug your appliance, descaling should be done cold and does not require a heating cycle.
  2. Pour 1 cup (~230ml) of the BEABA Descaling Liquid for Babycook into the reservoir.
  3. Leave to soak overnight with the lid open.
  4. Remove the lid from the arm. IV
  5. Empty the contents of the reservoir by turning the product upside down. VI
  6. Rinse the reservoir with water at least 3 times making sure to empty its contents each time.
  7. Replace the lid by clipping it firmly on to the arm.
  8. Run 3 cooking cycles with plain water to clear out the taste.
  9. Repeat as many times as necessary until clean.
  10. Rinse the bowl with water before using it.
  11. Depending to the type of water you have, you may have to descale your appliance more often.

Procedure and Product Reset (To reset cooking cycle countdown)

  • Unplug appliance from mains
  • Check that tank is empty
  • Remove the cooking bowl
  • Plug the appliance to mains
  • Place the bowl on the base
  • Close the lid
  • Press down on steam button for at least 20 sec to 1 minute.


  • Be sure not to run the cooking cycle until the reservoir is completely clean and not with descaling liquid, just clear water. Otherwise, you are just "baking" the build-up onto the sides of the reservoir.
  • Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to descale your Babycook® at the first sign of build-up. Keeping the reservoir clean is much easier than trying to remove stubborn build-up.
  • Ensuring you use the mixing lid will keep any food debris from re-entering and contaminating the steam heating compartment, which will make your Babycook® last longer.
  • Depending to the type of water you have, you may have to descale your appliance more often.
  • You can also reset Babycook without descaling it. However, we strongly advise you to do so because it helps to prolong your appliance’s life span.
  • After each use, and for tank maintenance, the Babycook tank must be emptied and left to dry for 2 hours before closing the tank lid
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