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[Free Assembly] Babyhood Kaylula Sova Clear Cot & Mattress Bundle (130x70cm) - White

[Free Assembly] Babyhood Kaylula Sova Clear Cot & Mattress Bundle (130x70cm) - White

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Bundle Contains

  • 1 x Babyhood Kaylula Sova Clear Cot
  • 1 x 3-piece Mattress (1 square + 2 semi-circles)


Babyhood Kaylula Sova Clear Cot & Mattress Bundle is a bundle containing baby cot and mattress. The Sova Clear Cot is a 5 in 1 versatile lifetime baby cot that evolves with your little one from babyhood to adulthood. The 5 in 1 function includes Bassinet + Cot + Toddler Bed + Adult Table & Chairs Set + Playpen. The cot has unique clear panels which allow your baby to wake free as bird each morning and see straight out into the world ahead.

  • Better for you and your baby as it is sustainable with European Beechwood plantation timber which is stronger, stable and safer
  • Clear panels so that your baby wakes up to see the world and not bars and allowing you full visibility at all times
  • Grows with your child, starting from a Bassinet to a Cot to a Toddler Bed to an Adult Table and Chairs Set and finally a Playpen, all included with your purchase.
  • Perfect for co sleeping ‘safely’ with your newborn baby by your bed side in the circular bassinet
  • Two level base adjustment for your growing baby
  • Easy to manoeuvre around your nursery and up to your bedside with multiple lockable castors
  • Tested to AS/NZS 2172:2003 and complies with AS/NZS 2172:2010 – Australian Standard for Domestic use Cots
  • This cot is tested by the highly regarded NATA accredited testing facility AFRDI (Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute) to ensure that the cot is safe and meets with the Standards noted above
  • Mattress Fit: 130 x 70 cm


*Mattress fitted sheet is not included.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

Product comes with 1 year warranty. Warranty does not cover wear and tear.

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A world first, the Kaylula Sova Clear Cot by babyhood is a revolution in cot design and concept. 

Safe, as it is tested to the toughest Australian Standards by Furntech, who are renowned as one of the best independent testing facilities in Australia.

Quality, using the highest grade European beech wood timber. Now you and your baby can enjoy the ultimate nursery with the Kaylula Sova Collection by babyhood.

This cot is tested by the highly regarded NATA accredited testing facility AFRDI (Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute) to ensure that the cot is safe and meets with the Standards


  • European beech wood - offering dependable and sturdy support for your little one when they sleep
  • Acrylic plastic panels - so you and your child can see one another for peace of mind
  • Castor wheels - making it stress free to move from one room to the next. Can be taken off as your child gets bigger

5 in 1 Versatile Baby Cot

  • Bassinet - from newborn to 6 months (76cm in diameter)
  • Cot - from 6 months to 18 months (76cm x 130cm)
  • Cotbed - from 18 months to 36 months (76cm x 130cm
  • Playpen - from 6 to 36 months (76cm x 130cm)
  • Table and Chairs - from 18 months


Cot Type 5 in 1 Cot
Age Range Bassinet Level – New born to earlier of 6 months or when baby can sit up unassisted
Cot/Toddler Level  – up to 28kg
Mattress Size 1300mm * 700mm * 100mm
Carton Dimension Carton 1 –  79cm x 57cm x 42cm – weight –  15 kg
Carton 1 – 79cm x 61cm x 21cm – weight – 8 kg
Assembled Dimension
Sova Bassinet
76cm diameter
82cm height with castors
75cm height without castors
Assembled Dimension
Sova Cot
130cm long
76cm wide
82cm height with castors
75cm height without castors
Assembled Dimension
Sova Table & Chairs
Table – 57cm depth 76cm width 75cm height
Chairs – 45cm deep 76cm width
Chair height – 35cm with cushion 25cm without cushion
Standards Tested to AS/NZS 2172:2003 and complies with AS/NZS 2172:2010 – Australian Standard for Domestic use Cots


Care Instructions

We have compiled some tips on how you can enjoy your babyhood product for longer:

Room Climate Control

Wood, when first cut contains more than 50 percent water. When it is prepared for furniture construction it is placed in a kiln and the moisture content is brought down to 8 to 10 percent. Wood is porous and responds to its environment. If the room has high humidity it will absorb it and expand and if the humidity is low it will lose moisture and shrink. It is important that the humidity levels in the room be controlled from extremes of too much humidity or too little. Furniture should not be placed close to air-conditioning outlets, fire places, radiators, space heaters, humidiers or dehumidiers. Exposure to extreme variations of temperature and humidity can damage any fine wood product.

The Ideal Environment for Fine Furniture

Fine wood furniture will have fewer problems when its environment is controlled at a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees celsius and a relative humidity between 35 and 40 percent. Wood placed in an environment outside of those limits can and will shrink or expand and may develop some small cracks which are not material or structural defects. We do not recommend using synthetic fabric under accessories or lamps as this may impact on the colour of the timber. Oils from potpourri and other scented items can also damage the furniture finish. It is advised that you do not drag items across the surface of the furniture and allow the surface to breath by rotating your accessories and lamps.

Do not over polish the furniture, do it only two or three times a year. Over polishing can distort the natural finish of the product. In addition, you should not wax the furniture as wax build up can destroy the natural finish of the product. When moving furniture always lift the unit, do not push or drag it to avoid damage to legs. Keep the furniture level so doors and drawers open and close freely. Clean any spills immediately with a soft, clean and damp, not wet cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners.

Properties of Acrylic

Acrylic glass is an engineered product. During manufacture it is not unusual for small bubbles and/or slight variations in colour and clarity to form. These are the natural properties of the creation of this material. You may see slight changes in clarity within the acrylic glass. This is not a fault in the product. This is the nature of the product. If exposed to sunlight over time acrylic glass may change in colour and/or cause crazing or small cracks, so we recommend that you do not leave this product near a window or doorway or anywhere the cot is regularly exposed to the sun.

If any scratches appear on the acrylic glass then we recommend that you clean the acrylic glass with a product called ‘Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover’. Please follow the instructions on the packaging of this product including using a clean micro fibre cloth. Do not over rub or use anything abrasive, cloth or cleaner on the acrylic glass as it will scratch the product further.

Avoid Direct Sunlight.

Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays will fade colours and in some cases darken them. It can also cause crazing or hair line cracks in the finish. White finishes will yellow naturally over time and exposure to direct sunlight will hasten this natural process along with some woods darkening naturally over time; this is not considered to be a quality defect.

Proper Storage

If you need to put your furniture in storage for any period of time do not store them in a damp basement or hot dry attic. Allow air movement around the furniture and do not stack anything on it.

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