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Aggravation The Classic Marble Race Game

Aggravation The Classic Marble Race Game

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Aggravation The Classic Marble Race Game is a classic game whereby you need to move all 4 of your marbles from BASE to HOME by rolling the dice. It's as much fun to give as it is to get! Two to six players compete in this classic race around the board from Base to Home. Take shortcuts to zip ahead. Or, try the super shortcut to shoot across the board. There's a risk in taking the shortcuts, but is it a risk you're willing to take?

Along the way, aggravate your opponents by sending them back to their Base. Watch Out! You might be sent back yourself! Be the first to get all your pieces Home and you'll win the game.

Recommended for ages 6+ years.


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Click here for the Game Manual.

Contents: Gameboard, die, 30 marbles, 5 of each of 6 colors


Be first to move all 4 of your marbles around the board from BASE to HOME. You don't have to -aggravate" the other players to win—but it sure helps! 


Each player chooses a set of 4 matching colored marbles and places them in the BASE row that matches his or her color. 


To start a Marble on its journey around the board it must be moved from the BASE row and entered into the START hole. You can "start' a marble on a die roll of 1 or 6 only. Once a marble is in START, it can be moved on your next turn.

Moving Your Marbles

Once a marble has been "started", it is moved clockwise along the gamepath holes the number shown on your die roll. Count each hole. whether it is empty or occupied by an opponent.

Once you have one or more marbles on the gamepath. when you roll 1 or 6. you have the option of entering a new marble into the START hole or moving a marble on the path the number of holes shown on your die roll. NOTE: When one of your marbles is sitting in the START hole, you cannot move a new marble into that space.
You can jump over or land on an opponent's marble (see "Getting Aggravated" for details.)
You cannot jump over or land on your own marbles. If one of your own marbles is keeping you from moving another marble the full count on the die. then you cannot move that "blocked" marble.

Getting Aggravated

If an opponent lands on one of your marbles by exact count, your marble is "aggravated" and must immediately return to your BASE row. Your oppo-nent's marble then bccupies the hole given up by you. Marbles can be "aggravated" anywhere on the board except in their BASE or HOME positions
If your marble has been "aggravated" and returned to BASE, it can be moved back into the START hole on your turn by rolling 1 or 6 as explained previously. NOTE: If an opponent's marble is in your START hole when you roll 1 or 6, you can move one of your marbles from your BASE into START. Simply "aggravate" your opponent's marble and send it back to its BASE.


Star Hole Shortcut:
Whenever a marble lands in a Star Hole by exact count, it can be moved clockwise around the Star holes on your next turn.

Center Hole Shortcut:
The hole in the center of the gameboard is a super shortcut. You can move into the Center hole only by exact count on the die. You can move into the Center hole from a Star hole only by rolling a 1.

Once you move into the Center hole, the only way out is to roll a 1 on a future turn. Exit the Center onto any Star hole you wish.

Getting Home Safe

Enter into any of the 4 holes in HOME by exact count. Remember, you cannot jump over your own marbles, so keep this in mind as you try to move each marble into HOME.

Winning the Game
Be the first to move all 4 of your marbles into your HOME area to win!

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