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Youha AIO Electric Breast Pump with Lactation Massager

Youha AIO Electric Breast Pump with Lactation Massager

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Youha AIO Electric Breast Pump and Lactation Massager is a convenient 2-in-1 breast pump that allows you to express more quickly and efficiently with an in-built lactation massager. Youha AIO offers an enjoyable and discreet way to express - designed to use anytime, anywhere with its sleek, lightweight and compact design.  Different modes of use to suit your needs. The motor unit is removable and can be used on its own as a lactation massager to help relieve engorgement, mastitis and clogged ducts. The lactation mode can also be used while pumping to increase efficiency. For added comfort, this breast pump uses comfort shields with soft rims. High-quality, closed system pump where all parts that come in contact with your breastmilk are free from impurities and contamination, for guaranteed peace of mind.

  • Electric Breast Pump and Lactation Massager
  • Comes with 2 shields (21mm and 24mm) 
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Quiet and convenient operation
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient and effective breast milk expression
  • Ideal for use at home or at the office
  • Easy to disassemble and clean (can be sterilized in boiling water, UV sterilizing not recommended)
  • You can remove the motor unit and use it on its own as a lactation massager.
  • Can relieve engorgement, mastitis, and clogged ducts
  • Improve milk flow
  • BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC-free

Click here to shop for replacement 21 & 24mm comfort breast shields 

Click here to shop for 21-36mm breast shields 

Click here to shop for 18mm, 20mm and 22mm inserts.  (Used to reduce size of 24mm breast shield)

This product comes with a 12-month warranty against product faults from the date of purchase.  (For pump unit only, does not apply to pump parts).

*Charge the pump using the original cable ONLY. Other cables can damage the pump. Damaged pump due to charging with a non-original cable VOIDS the warranty.

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 What's Included? 

Click here to shop for replacement connectors. 


To charge your AIO pump and avoid any potential damage to the battery, please only connect the Type-C USB cable to a charger with a voltage of 5V and current between 1A and 3A. Most phone chargers, tablet chargers and power banks can be used to charge the AIO pump. 


Wipe the motor unit/charger with a soft damp cloth while the motor unit is switched off and the charger is disconnected from the power outlet.

Do not submerge the motor unit/charger in water or sanitiser. Clean and sterile all other parts of the pump that comes in contact with breast milk prior to first use and after each subsequent use. 

Before First Use

  1. Disassemble all parts
  2. Wash in warm soapy water 
  3. Rinse well 
  4. Submerge parts in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. (Use a large parts so the parts will not touch the sides or bottom of the pot) 
  5. Shake off excess water and air dry on a rack or clean with a cloth. 

After Each Use

  1. Disassemble all parts. Put away those parts that do not come in contact with breast milk (motor unit and charger)
  2. Rinse remaining parts with cold water to remove any breastmilk residue 
  3. Wash in warm soapy water. Valves should be gently cleaned by rubbing between fingers 
  4. Rinse well 
  5. Shake if excess water and air dry on a rack or clean with a cloth

IMPORTANT: The valves are delicate and fragile. Please avoid inserting cleaning brushes into them. Handle them with care and replace them frequently. You can also electric steam or use a microwave to sterilize. UV sterilizers are not recommended. 

 Breast Shield Sizing 

To identify your breast shield size, please stimulate your nipple so that it stands and is suitable for measurement. Measure the diameter (or width) of the nipple base. Do not include the areola. 

*Measure the nipple before the pumping session. If you measure during pregnancy, you are highly encouraged to measure again prior to pumping as nipple size often fluctuates following childbirth. 

A good-fitting breast shield is important for both comfort and safety. It also helps to increase the efficiency. The suggested size, to begin with, is approximately 3 to 4mm larger than the base of the nipple diameter. 

Only your nipple should be pulled into the breast shield and not your areola.

1. If your nipples rub against the sides of the beast shield tunnel while expressing, it is an indication that the breast shield is too small. 

2. If your areola is drawn into the breast shield tunnel while expressing, it is an indication that the breast shield is too large. 

Please consult a lactation consultant for professional advice. 


 Assembling the Youha AIO Breast Pump 

 Operating the Youha AIO Breast Pump 


 Mixed Mode Guide 


 Activating the Lactation Massager

 Pumping with Lactation Massager Mode 


Issue: Ineffective or inefficient expression

Solution: Check the valve position and whether it is properly secured. Check the condition of the valve and replace it if worn. Install spare valves provided if not yet used. Check sizing recommendations for your breast shield. 

Issue: Nipple/Areola pain 

Solution: Check the size recommendations of your shield. Seek advice from your lactation consultant. Nipple balm can be used post-expression to soothe and aid recovery. 

 Other Technical Specifications 

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