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Yaya Round Babyroom Play Yard (118x148.5x70cm) - Pink

Brand Yaya

Yaya Round Babyroom Play Yard (118x148.5x70cm) - Pink

Brand Yaya
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Yaya Babyroom Play Yard is a mini dream play yard for your kids.Your child's very own special place for play. Shh! Our secret play yard space allows children to develop their imagination & creativity with their own private space. Colourful pastel coloured fence with door for little ones to play pretend and imagine it as their little private home. 

  • Includes a door and windows on either side of the play yard for baby to look out, just like real mini house
  • Soft, colourful pastel colours help stimulate baby's visual senses.
  • Dimensions: 118 x 148.5 x 70 cm

*Refer to the Pink play yard in the product image.

Recommended for babies 6+ months.

Get Yaya Round Babyroom Extension here (click).

Development Skills

  • A little space for baby to dream and play.
  • Helps develop motor skills while encouraging them to be independent in play and exploration.
  • Independent play cultivates self-confidence. 
  • Soft pastel colours help soothe baby's emotions and encourages emotion and affection with others. Bright colours also cheers baby up and encourages sociability in baby.




Play Yard has 1 window on each side for baby to look out, just like a real house. 

Play Yard Safety

The baby play yard acts as an enclosure for baby to play when you don't have both eyes on the baby all the time. It surrounds baby to prevent baby from knocking on to surrounding dangerous furniture while they play. This play yard gives parents some leisure time to themselves without having eyes on baby all the time.

*Slide shown in below image not included.




*Slide in image not included.

Detail Point 1
Play yard with rounded corners, prevents baby from knocking into sharp edges and injuring themselves.

Detail Point 2
A baby lock on both sides of the door. Keep the door closed while baby is playing, just like a real house for baby.

Detail Point 3
Base of the play yard is equipped with non-slip mounts to prevent play yard from slipping and sliding around.

Detail Point 4
Plastic screws on the baby slide gives extra stability and security in the structure of the slide.


Easy assembly. Easy to dismantle and reassemble. Just use a coin or flat metal piece to twist the screws.

*Slide in image not included.


*Alert! Black dots found on the product pieces is NOT a defect. Due to the nature of the production process, black dots & lines may appear on the surface of the product. This black dot is NOT a defect and is harmless to the human body, so you can rest assured.

Occasionally, due to the manufacturing process, burrs (uneven lines) may appear on the surface of the product. If it is not sharp and not endangering your baby, it can be left alone. However, if the burr causes a sharp part on the surface dangerous to baby, please use a cutter knife to gently scrape away the sharp part. Please note that burrs are a natural phenomenon that occurs during the manufacturing process, NOT A DEFECT.

Gas/Air Bubbles
Occasionally, there are also tiny protruding bumps. Those air bubbles are a natural phenomenon that occurs during the blow molding process, and therefore NOT A DEFECT. It is safe and not harmful to your baby.


Safety Certification


1. Adult assembly required
2. Do not allow baby to put any part of the product into the mouth.
3. Before use, always check all joints are properly connected and secured.
4. Do not set up play yard beside floor edges for risk of falling. Do not place near fire. 
5. Wipe clean with mild detergent only.
6. One child on the slide at a time.
7. Do not go up the slide via the slide, use steps only.
8. Child must be clothed while using product, for risk of skin abraising on to the material.

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