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Wen's Crunchy Whitebait Pack (50g) - exp 12/24

Wen's Crunchy Whitebait Pack (50g) - exp 12/24

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Wen's Crunchy Whitebait Pack is a 50g pack of baked unsalted crunchy whitebait. It is rich in DHA, Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Minimal in Sodium - which is good for babies, children and pregnant mothers. This is a perfect healthy snack for kids. Can also be served as garnish alongside meals.

Ingredients: Whitebait ONLY

  • Healthier alternative to ikan bilis/anchovy
  • Rich in DHA (Brain Development), Calcium (Bone Development), Magnesium (Bone and heart health), Phosphorus (Good for Pregnant Mums) and most importantly, very low in sodium
  • 100% fresh, no added salt, no preservatives
  • Made in NEA Certified Kitchen
  • SAC laboratory tested
  • Comes in a environmentally friendly package

This product can be stored at room temperature. The packaging states "Keep refrigerated at all times", which is a recommended storage instruction as the product contains no preservatives and every household has different room conditions.

Recommended for ages 3+ years.


*This product is crunchy whitebait. Below video features whitebait powder for your reference. 

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Our White Bait are harvested and hand selected at our fisheries, and are only imported weekly into Singapore to preserve its freshness with the upmost importing methods. Our confidence and control in quality allows us to bring only the good stuff to your children and you, from farm to fork.

We would also like to share with you that all the good stuff, is being made in our NEA Certified Kitchen right from the very beginning.


Why Wen's?

There's no doubt that we know the best methods to keep your fish fresh, and how it's brought into Singapore.

We do not use dried or frozen Whitebait from unknown sources. With the fisheries as our own, we are sure that we have total control on all our harvest, bringing only the best for your children and you from farm to fork.

We are the only company that catches our own Whitebait, and start our quality control right from the very beginning. Having the ability to do so, guarantees that every batch of Whitebait our customers get is safe, fresh, and of the upmost highest quality.

Our Guarantee to you is that each and every single bottle of Wen’s Whitebait Powder you receive, is from a fresh catch from within the week.

Wen’s Whitebait Powder is SAC laboratory tested, and is rich in DHA, Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Minimal in Sodium - which is good for babies, children and pregnant mothers.

Our Nutrition facts are tested and proven by a Singapore Accreditation Council Approved Laboratory.


Cholesterol: 20.8 (per serving ~2g)

One Scoop (2g) / One serving of Wen's Whitebait Powder is equivalent to 6 glasses of milk or 15 scoops of milk powder depending on the brand of milk.


SAC Laboratory Tested

Wen's Whitebait Powder has been tested at a Singapore Accreditation Council Approved Laboratory.

The lab test results shows that our White Bait powder is rich in DHA (Brain Development), Calcium (Bone Development), Magnesium (Bone and heart health), Phosphorus (Good for Pregnant Mums) and most importantly, very in sodium (~0.003g/serving)

A simple comparison between Wen's Whitebait Powder and X brand Milk Powder:

WWP DHA: 2010mg/100g | Milk Powder DHA: 30mg/100g
WWP Calcium: 1590mg/100g | Milk Powder Calcium: 620mg/100g
WWP Magnesium: 282mg/100g | Milk Powder Magnesium: 43mg/100g
WWP Phosphorus: 1400mg/100g | Milk Powder Phosphorus: 390mg/100g


Whitebait vs Ikan Bilis (Anchovies)

What is Whitebait?

Whitebait is a collective term for the immature juvenile fish. Whitebait are not a species of fish but the immature fry of many species, depending on where they are caught. They can be an inch long and consists of immature herring, sprat, sardines, mackerel, bass and many others. As they are juvenile, Whitebait is usually seasonal and are high in prices.

Transportation and keeping Whitebait fresh

Because of their size and oil content, they do not transport well as they are highly perishable (Decay or decompose quickly).

Being almost impossible to transport Whitebait with the same methods as how bigger fishes are transported, Whitebait goes through a process similar to Anchovies (Ikan Bilis). They are either Salted or/and Sundried to control bacteria growth. Time is critical for the preservation and so processing must begin shortly after the fish are caught. They are cleaned and washed in salt brine, then allowed to dry. "The salting must begin as soon as possible after the boats reach shore, and not more than 12 hours from the time the fish were caught," said Simone Bava, professor of Marine Fishing Biology.

Preservation in salt uses a time-honored technique. Without the process, Whitebait will eventually break down and become mushy, therefore fresh Whitebait and Anchovies (Ikan Bilis) are rarely available. However, you can consume them fresh in areas near to their habitat.

In Japan, Whitebait that was not sold or boiled raw immediately after their arrival at the harbour would be first steamed then sun-dried before further process. Such process includes further oven-drying them and pressing into thin sheets.

Whitebait VS Anchovies (Ikan Bilis)

In Asian context, Whitebait is considered a premium compared to Anchovies (Ikan Bilis) due to its seasonal catch. Whitebait also has a higher nutrition value as compared to Anchovies (Ikan Bilis).

As Whitebait are juvenile fishes, they are small. They can be consumed with their head and bones, which packs lots of calcium and phosphorus. Unlike Anchovies (Ikan Bilis) which are larger, they are usually prepared by removing the head and bones which results in much lost in calcium.

At Wen’s, Whitebait are caught fresh at our fisheries then hand selected and salted within the first few hours. We then desalt the Whitebait by boiling and rinsing them multiple times. The desalting process is one of the most important elements in determining the level of sodium that is left in the fishes, and our laboratory results shows a bare minimum of sodium content. After, we sundry the Whitebait to perfection and pack them to be ready for transportation.

We transport our dried Whitebait by sea into Singapore, pick them up at the docks and immediately into our kitchen for baking and grinding.

Well, The Real Magic is, all the processes are done within 3 days after our Whitebait is harvested. That's how we guarantee that every batch of Wen's Whitebait Powder​ is a fresh batch caught within the week!

Findings of Whitebait VS Anchovies in Nutritional Value can be observed below:


When is the shelf life of Wen’s Powder?
Room temperature shelf life is 9 months from production date. However, we highly recommend to store them in the fridge, because there is no preservative added.

What should be the storage condition?
Keep the powder refrigerated or in the cooling & dry area. Irregardless opened and/or unopened.

When can I start giving to my LO?
Wen's powder is suitable for everyone, starting from baby 6 months old and above.

How much should I add into my food?
For baby below 1year-old, recommended to add 2g for a full serving meal.

When should I add into my food?
Recommended to add only at the end of cooking.

Should I be worried for over-consumption?
Over-consumption only happens when 40 scoops (80g) of powder is consumed per day.

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