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Upspring C-Panty for After C-Section - Black (2 Sizes)

Upspring C-Panty for After C-Section - Black (2 Sizes)

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Upspring C-Panty for After C-Section is a patented post-partum c-section underwear that flattens c-section bulge, supports weakened muscles and increases comfort. Providing everything you need for c-section recovery. Made just for c-section moms, C-Panty provides a clinically determined safe level of compression to help your body recover faster. C-Panty has a medical-grade silicone panel that minimizes scarring, helps reduce itchiness, and helps minimize the possible chance of infection around the delicate incision area. It also helps to reduce swelling, supports weakened muscles, and banishes that incision bulge.

  • Designed especially for C-section recovery by a C-section mom and medical team
  • Targeted medical grade compression reduces swelling, reduces discomfort, helps speed recovery*, assists in organizing collagen formation and provides support to the area after delivery.
  • Patented, built in 100% silicone panel minimizes scarring, reduces irritation, and protects incision area while helping to banish that incision bulge*
  • Silicone panel over cesarean incision helps retain surface moisture in the incision area.
  • Silicone is durable, washable, and integrated into the panty, eliminating the need for scar gel or scar gel pads. 
  • No uncomfortable binding waistband across your midsection
  • Provides support for easier mobility and fits under clothing easily
  • Seamless, lower rise panty with full-cut rear
  • Recommended by OB/GYNs
  • No hooks, straps, or Velcro®, so nothing will irritate your incision area.
  • Wear C-Panty postpartum after your incision has healed, typically 10 days. Can be worn for up to a year postpartum. 
  • Latex free

Size Chart


Small (2-6)

Medium (8-10)

Large (12-16)


25.5"-30.5" (65-77cm)

31"-34.5" (78-88cm)

35"-39" (89-99cm)


32"-37.5" (81-95cm)

 38"-41.5" (96-105cm)

42"-45.5" (106-115cm)


  • Machine washable, line dry
  • Material: 92% nylon, 8% spandex

C-Panty can only be used if the incision is fully closed and healed (no scab remaining). To use earlier, cover silicone panel with a panty liner.

C-Panty should be used a minimum of 3 months and up to one year post surgery. Recommended wear is 12-23 hours per day.

How C-Panty Underwear Works

Because you have just had surgery, you experience specific recovery issues that non c-section moms don't experience. Bloating and post-surgical swelling is quite common. Muscles are weakened from pregnancy and surgery. Movement can be uncomfortable; coughing, laughing, and even holding the baby can cause pain. The incision area can be sensitive, irritated, and red. Some mothers also develop a C-section “bulge” or “shelf” around the incision area due to the excess fluids their bodies C-Panty addresses all these c-section issues in two ways.

It’s long been known that compression can help to reduce swelling. C-Panty is a convenient, comfortable way to provide ongoing compression to reduce swelling and help speed your recovery. Compression can also help inhibit excessive scar tissue formation, and may reduce the chance of subsequent medical treatment for painful keloid scarring. The medical-grade compression provided by C-Panty is carefully calibrated to provide just the right amount of compression for someone who has just had surgery. Too little compression will not give you the support you need. But too much compression can be dangerous, because it pushes post-surgical fluids into your incision area, causing more swelling, more fluid retention in the wrong area, and discomfort. Excessive compression can also actually slow the healing process. C-Panty’s just-right compression reduces swelling and helps you recover safely.

C-Panty is the only C-section recovery panel with built in silicone. Medical grade silicone is the only material recognized by the FDA to treat and manage scarring.

In the weeks following surgery, the C-section procedure may cause a scar that may be itchy, hot to the touch and painful. C-Panty’s built in 100% silicone panel is precisely positioned over your C-section incision to provide professional medical grade scar therapy.* Worn consistently, C-Panty’s silicone panel will protect your incision and help speed recovery. Silicone suppresses the formation of excess or improperly formed collagen, which can contribute to scarring. Silicone therapy is more effective the sooner it is started. You can wear C-Panty immediately after delivery; simply cover the silicone panel with a panty liner or pad. Once the incision has healed you can discontinue covering the silicone panel.retain after surgery.



When to Use?
You can start wearing C-Panty immediately after delivery to help reduce swelling and increase mobility. If you wear C-Panty at this time and before your incision has healed be sure to cover the silicone panel with a pad or panty liner. Once your incision has closed (about 7-10 days) you can discontinue covering the silicone panel.

What is medical grade silicone?
Medical grade silicone is a non-toxic synthetic polymer. It does not irritate or react to skin, body fluids, or other tissue. It is commonly used in medical tubing and medical devices. It has been shown to be therapeutic for scar treatment.

What makes C-Panty different from other compression underwear?
C-Panty uses patented medical grade compression and a 100% silicone panel to speed recovery after C-section. This all in one solution promotes comfort, minimizes scarring and may reduce the possible chance of infection. Medical grade silicone, commonly used in burn and other post-surgical rehab, helps retain moisture in the incision area to decrease scarring. Compression discourages swelling, assists in organizing collagen formation, and provides support to the area. These techniques, often called scar management, also help to address the pain, itching, discomfort and size of scar during recovery.

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