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Tula Lite Lightweight Baby Carrier (2 Designs)

Tula Lite Lightweight Baby Carrier (2 Designs)

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Tula Lite Lightweight Baby Carrier is a compact baby carrier designed with busy parents in mind. We know you’re often on the move and the Tula Lite is the best baby carrier for all of your travels near and far. This carrier is focused on the essential features to make meet your needs, while still staying compact and travel friendly. Tula Lite baby carriers are crafted from lightweight material and offer both front-wearing and back-wearing positioning to carry your little one. When not in use, this lightweight baby carrier is easily stored within the carrier's own functioning hip pouch. This makes it easy to bring it along with you and transition it into a baby carrier as needed. It doesn’t have to be challenging to find a carrier that meets your lifestyle and is comfortable for both you and your baby. Explore our collection of Tula Lite baby carriers today and get ready for your next adventure big or small!

  • Made with on-the-go parents in mind
  • All about efficiency; only including must-have features
  • Made of quick-drying Ripstop material used in outdoor apparel and sportswear
  • Durable and cool material
  • Comes with detachable hood
  • Ultra-compact and travel-friendly without sacrificing comfort
  • Carrier folds into attached waistband when not in use
  • Includes convenient front-hip pouch
  • Dimensions: Panel Measures 38.1cm (16.5") tall and 31cm (12.2") wide at the seat
  • Click here for full instruction manual

Recommended for babies 4+ months (12 to 30lbs)

All Tula products sold at Pupsik Studio have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Scroll down the page for full warranty terms.

Tula box packaging may not be included. Do note that your carrier may be sewn with a beige or orange Tula logo. It would not be possible to select the colour of the logo.

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Ultra Compact for On-The-Go
Carrier packs neatly into attached waistband while leaving room in the front hip pouch for your baby essentials.

Convenient, Roomy Hip Pouch
Waistband includes a hip pouch that can hold many items even when the carrier is packed away in the waistband.

Perfect for that Up and Down Stage
Great solution when your child often shifts between wanting to walk and wanting to be carried. Can be used from 12-30 lbs.

Lightweight and Packable Fabric
Made of quck drying Ripstop material used in outdoor, apparel, and sportswear due to its durability and coolness. Includes detachable hood.

The panel measures 38.1cm (16.5") tall and 31cm (12.2") wide at the seat
Can be used from 12-30 lbs.

In the Tula Lite Baby Carrier, you can carry 1)  baby front, facing inward, and in  2)  back carrying position. Your child can be carried in the front, beginning at 12 lbs. For the back carry position, beginning at 18 lbs., we recommend waiting until your child has strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, and can remain in a seated position on a consistent basis.

The Tula Lite is NOT designed to support the forward-facing carry position.

Front Carry Instructions

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Back Carry Instructions

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Wash instructions: 
Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Air dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Tula Lite is machine washable. We recommend that you machine wash cold when necessary. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. We also recommend that you do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brightener.

Is it possible to breastfeed in the Tula Lite Baby Carrier?
A wonderful benefit of all Tula Carriers is the ability to nurse baby while they are being carried. To do this, you can loosen your arm straps and lower the waistband, without unbuckling any buckles, and position baby to your chest. You will want to reposition baby once they are done feeding or if they fall asleep.

Why is the Tula Lite Baby Carrier so much more affordable than the other Tula Carriers?
When creating the Tula Lite Baby Carrier, we focused on essential elements to keep it compact and at an accessible price point. The result is an ergonomic baby carrier, that is streamlined and supportive, and gives you all you need for on-the-go babywearing. In comparison to our other carrier styles, the Tula Lite Carrier has a more limited weight range and does not offer the front-facing out carrying position.

When can I start to carry my child in the Tula Lite Baby Carrier?
You can begin to carry your child in the Tula Lite when the reach our minimum weight of 12lb and when they are able to sit in the carrier supported knee to knee without being overextended. Baby's legs should have a free range of motion to kick/move easily from the knee down when seated in the carrier.

What are the measurements of the carrier when it is packed?
The Tula Lite Carrier measures 10” x 5” x 3” when stored in its integrated storage compartment. This makes it compact enough to easily bring on day trips or vacations

How much does the Tula Lite Carrier weigh?
The Tula Lite Carrier weighs 1 lb, 0.8 oz.

Is the Tula Lite Carrier ergonomic?
The Tula Lite offers ergonomic positioning for both you and your little one. It is designed to evenly distribute baby’s weight and position them in an ergonomic spread squat seat while supporting baby’s natural development.

Can I use the Infant Insert in the Tula Lite Carrier?
The Tula Lite Baby Carrier is not designed to be used with the Tula Infant Insert or with any external item for the purpose of carrying a baby that does not fit in the carrier due to their current height and/or weight.

How does the head and neck support compare to other Tula carriers?
The Tula Lite Baby Carrier has a panel with a slightly curved top portion to provide delicate neck support for a small infant. For additional support, we recommend using the detachable hood with one side snapped to the shoulder strap and the other side down to allow for a clear airway.


All Tula products sold at Pupsik Studio have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. In the rare instance in which there is a manufacturing issue or defect, we will work with you to provide you with a refund, repair, or exchange. Tula products are handmade and may have slight variations that do not affect their use or safety. Normal wear, fabric fading, minor size differences, common/normal wrap nubs or flaws, and sewing varieties are not considered manufacturing defects and are not covered under the warranty. We are not responsible for warranty coverage if the product has been altered in any way. The term “altered” is defined as including, without limit, dyeing, painting, embroidery, and fabric additions or removals made after purchase. We are also not responsible for warranty coverage for any item that has been purchased secondhand.



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