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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Teats (2pk) (3 Sizes, 0-6m+)

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Teats (2pk) (3 Sizes, 0-6m+)

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Teats are breast-like teats for a natural latch and smooth transition from breast to bottle. Our award-winning Closer to Nature baby bottle features an easy latch-on teat that mimics the flex, stretch and shape of mum's breast. The super sensitive valve of the teat eliminates excessive airflow, so little ones ingest more milk and less air.

  • Natural feel teats for "just like Mum" feedings
  • Easy latch-on teats for smooth transition between breast and bottle
  • Optimum venting valve for less air intake and less discomfort for baby
  • Always BPA-free for your ultimate reassurance
  • All teats are sold in a 2 pack
  • Teats compatible with Closer to Nature® baby bottle only 
Medium/fast flow teat has different hole size according to baby's age. The Variflow teat design allows your baby to control the flow of their milk simply by using their own sucking strength - the stronger your baby sucks, the wider the cross opens and the faster the milk flows.

Our super wide nipples are shaped like mom's breast to encourage a natural latch.

Our smooth silicone nipples mimic the flex, stretch and shape of mom’s breast.

Simply unscrew your bottle into three parts for easy cleaning and sterilising.

Our Closer to Nature® baby bottles are 100% BPA-free for complete peace of mind.


We offer teats with a range of flow rates to suit babies from newborns to 6 months plus. Whether your little one takes their feed slowly or gulps it down quickly, there’s a teat that’s right for them.


Remember that every baby is different and develops at their own rate so age indications on our teats are just a guide. Your baby may be ready sooner or later.



When you have so much baby stuff around, it can be hard to remember what bits go together. Our Closer To Nature and Advanced Anti-colic bottles use different style teats.

*This product is the Closer to Nature Bottle Replacement Teat.


Variflow teats are popular because they allow babies to control the flow of their milk simply by using their own sucking strength. Now for the first time and by public demand there's a Variflow Closer to Nature teat, still with the great flex and stretch of the original award-winning teat but now available with a cross cut into the tip as well as a hole.The stronger the baby's sucking action the wider the cross opens and the faster the milk flows. It's a great teat for babies right from birth as baby is able to get as much or as little as he needs, while the easi-vent anti-colic feature on the teat's surface reduces the risk of baby swallowing air with his feed, thought to be one of the main reasons for colic. So you don't have to worry about when to change flow rates as baby knows exactly what he's doing.


Before you use your bottles for the first time, please:

  • Disassemble all parts and place in boiling water for 5 minutes, this is to ensure good hygiene
  • Wash all parts in warm soapy water
  • Rinse using clean water and sterilise
  • Assemble your bottle as per the diagram
  • When assembling your bottle, it’s important that you check the valve (C), holding it to the light to check that the slit in the silicone hasn’t sealed closed. If it has, pinch it gently between your fingers to re-open. If the valve has sealed closed, your bottle won’t vent properly.
  • After use, wash all parts in warm soapy water, rinse in clean water, ready to sterilise once more
  • Make sure your valve is open before and after sterilising.

  • Don’t turn the teats inside out whilst cleaning as this could damage them – there’s no need to ever do this.



How to use Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles

*Inspect before each use and pull the feeding teat in all directions

** For safety and hygiene reasons it’s recommended that the feeding teat is replaced every 2-months or sooner if damage or weakness is noticed

Where should the valve be when I'm feeding my baby?

The valve will work wherever it’s positioned but the best place for the valve is at the top, near your baby's nose.

Closer to Nature teats look the same, can I use them on Advanced Anti-Colic bottles?

No, you can’t use Closer to Nature teats on Advanced Anti-Colic bottles. Closer to Nature teats have a built-in air valve, and don’t work with our Advanced Anti Colic bottles. The valve in your Advanced Anti Colic bottles is situated inside the bottle, attached to the end of the venting tube and is shaped like a star. It’s important that you make sure you match the right teat to the right bottle.

How long do teats last?

Teats take quite a lot of hammering from little gums and teeth, so they need to be changed regularly. We recommend replacing teats every 2-months or at the first sign of any damage or weakness.

Can I buy bottles with faster flowing teats?

All of our bottles except the 340ml version currently come with slow flow teats as standard, as they’re best for newborns and most parents generally stock up on bottles before baby arrives. Our 340ml bottle comes with a medium flow teat.

As your baby grows and can feed more quickly, you can buy faster flowing replacement teats.

We have medium flow teats, which most babies are ready for at around 3 months, and a fast flow teat which is best from around 6 months. The ages are only guides though - you know your baby better than anyone and will be able to tell when they’re ready for a faster flow.

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