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Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set

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Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set contains everything you need to make baby feeding straightforward whilst preventing colic by reducing the amount of air bubbles in the milk. Our stylish and streamlined Electric Steriliser is fast and easy to use, while our Insulated Bottle Bags are small enough to fit into a changing bag, ensuring you always have a bottle ready to go.

  • Specially designed to reduce colic symptoms for less wind, less reflux and less discomfort.
  • Unique anti-colic venting system draws air away from milk, using the venting wheel, venting tube with heat sensing strip and the star valve.
  • Venting tube with heat sensing strip turns pink when baby's feed is too hot.
  • Award-winning breast-like teat for natural latch and guaranteed acceptance.
  • 3 way, easy-hold bottle with anti-colic slow-flow teat for newborn babies.
  • Always BPA and phthalate-free for ultimate reassurance.
  • Advanced anti-colic bottles are only compatible with Advanced anti-colic teats and will NOT work with Closer to Nature® teats.
  • Sterilises up to 6 bottles in 5 minutes with the super-steam electric steriliser.
  • Easi-warm bottle and food warmer warms breast milk, formula and baby food to body temperature without in as little as four minutes
  • Includes handy milk powder dispensers and insulated bottle bags for feeding on the go.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

Sterilizer and warmer comes with 1 year warranty.

*Refer to 1st product image for what you will receive. Secondary images may feature other accessories that are not included.

Advanced Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set contains:

  • 1 x Super-Steam Advanced Electric Steriliser
  • 1 x Easi-Warm Bottle & Food Warmer
  • 2 x Insulated Bottle Bags
  • 4 x 150ml Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles with Slow Flow Teats
  • 4 x 260ml Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles with slow flow Teats
  • 1 x Bottle Brush
  • 4 x Milk Powder Dispensers
  • 1 x 0-6m Soother
  • 1 x Teat Tongs

If you know you’ll be bottle feeding your baby, and you’re concerned about colic, our Advanced Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set contains everything you need to make baby feeding straightforward. Our Advanced Anti-Colic bottles are proven to reduce colic symptoms for less wind, less reflux and less fussing by reducing air bubbles in the milk and encouraging a good latch-on during feeding. Our stylish and streamlined Electric Steriliser is fast and easy to use, while our Insulated Bottle Bags are small enough to fit onto a changing bag, ensuring you are never without a sterilised bottle. 

PROVEN TO REDUCE COLIC - 80% less colic*
The Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle uses a unique, 3-piece anti-colic technology to provide optimum venting during feeding. It is proven to reduce colic symptoms for less wind, less re-flux and less fussing. *We consulted 210 parents who tried using this product to reduce their child’s colic symptoms and 80% agreed that the bottle had successfully reduced the symptoms (June 2017).

Babies may develop colic symptoms if they take in too much air during feeding. With its unique anti-colic venting system, our Advanced Anti-Colic bottle helps stop air mixing with milk. Air is drawn through the vents in the venting wheel, down the venting tube and out of the star valve into the air space at the base of the bottle, rather than into your baby’s tummy.

The anti-colic venting tube has a heat sensing strip that changes colour if the milk is too hot. Simply dip the tube for 10 seconds to see the feed’s temperature. Pink indicates that the temperature is too hot. The star valve at the base of the anti-colic straw keeps milk from travelling up the tube, meaning 80% less wind, reflux and fussing, but 100% more smiles.

The breast-like shaped teat of our advanced anti-colic bottle allows your baby to easily latch on and supports the transition between bottle and breast.

Safe, simple sterilising. Sterilise up to 6 bottles in just 5 minutes with the Tommee Tippee super-steam electric steriliser, ready to prepare a fresh feed for your baby any time of day or night.

Our bottle and food warmer warms breastmilk, formula and baby food to body temperature in as little as four minutes* without overheating. *Warming times depend upon capacity and starting temperature of feed. Warming time of 4 minutes is based on heating a 150ml serving of milk from ambient room temperature (20°C).

Portable and convenient, use our insulated bottle bags to store sealed water in a bottle and add formula powder when your baby is ready for their bottle. The food and bottle warmer ensures you can gently warm your baby’s feed, while the milk powder dispensers and insulated bottle bags help you keep a fresh, warmed feed on hand when you need it.





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Tommee Tippee Super-Steam Advanced Electric Steriliser is a steam steriliser, using only natural steam to envelope every surface, this electric steam steriliser kills 99% of germs that may linger in bottles, teats, breast pumps and other baby feeding accessories. With this steriliser you can sterilise up to six bottles in just five minutes flat. With enough space to fit a wide range of bottles, soothers and breast pump accessories, it's the quick and easy way to protect your baby's tiny tummy from harmful bacteria. Compact, sleek design, it helps eliminate harmful bacteria that can build up in bottles and feeding accessories.

  • Delivers up to six sterile baby bottles in just 5 minutes
  • 100% natural and chemical-free steam sterilising kills 99.9% of household bacteria and harmful germs
  • Fits most baby bottles , soothers, breast pump accessories - removable tray for tall bottles
  • Contents stay sterile for 24 hours with the lid closed; perfect for overnight feeds.
  • NEW 2-tier stackable tray can also be used as a drying rack for easy cleaning
  • NEW easy-lift handles keep hands away from steam
  • NEW Easy-clean stainless steel base
  • Fill level indicates the right amount of water
  • One button start - just add water, load and switch on
  • Auto shut-off for safety
  • BPA Free

*Diagrams may feature other items & accessories that are not included. Refer to content list above for what is exactly included.


Do you have a question about using your Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser? Find the answers here.

This steriliser is designed for use with Tommee Tippee bottles and feeding accessories (except the bottle brush). The steriliser will hold a maximum of 6 Tommee Tippee bottles or a combination of fewer bottles plus soothers and breast pump parts. See alternative assembly method below for 340ml bottles and Anti-colic bottles under using your electric steriliser section.

A step by step guide to all the component parts, how they fit together and what they do.

Setting up your Electric Steam Steriliser for first use

Clean your electric steriliser before first use (refer to the cleaning instructions below) Then:

  1. Remove all items from inside the steriliser base.
  2. Pour exactly 80ml of water into the steriliser base.
  3. Assemble the lower tray (A) with logo facing the front and upper tray (B) and place in the steriliser base.
  4. Add the lid (G)
  5. Connect the power lead and plug into the mains supply. Switch on at mains supply.
  6. Press the power button (play) and it will light up amber to show the sterilising has begun.
  7. The light will switch off when sterilising has finished.
  8. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before turning off at the mains, removing the plug and steriliser lid.
  9. Remove the upper and lower trays, pour away any remaining water and wipe dry. Your steriliser is now ready to use.

Using your Electric Steam Steriliser

Before sterilisation, wash all bottles and feeding accessories in warm soapy water or in a dishwasher (top rack only) to remove any milk residues. Separate all components for washing and reassemble teat and screw ring for sterilising.

  1. Place on a flat, heat resistant work surface. Pour exactly 80ml of water into the steriliser base. Your Tommee Tippee bottles have a handy 80ml measure to help you.
  2. During the sterilisation process hot steam passes through the vent at the top of your steriliser, so position it away from walls and make sure it is not underneath any overhanging shelves or cabinets.
  3. Assemble the lower tray into the steriliser base with the Tommee Tippee logo facing forwards on the right-hand side.
  4. Place the bottles neck downwards into the locators of the removable tray. This includes locators for advanced anti-colic valves.
  5. Place the upper tray onto the lower tray.
  6. Place the assembled teats and screw rings onto the upper tray. It is important not to have the hoods fitted onto the teats and screw rings.
  7. Place the hoods on the hood locators of the removable upper tray so that they hang over the teats and screw rings but are not fully assembled.
  8. Place the lid onto the steriliser base and plug the power lead into the mains power.
  9. Press the power button (play) to start the machine. An amber light will come on. This shows that the steriliser is in its warm-up phase and will automatically begin the sterilising phase when it reaches the appropriate temperature.
  10. When the sterilising stage finishes, the light will automatically switch off.
  11. The stop button is there in case you need to manually stop your steriliser mid cycle. If you do this, you will have to restart the sterilising process from the beginning as the contents will not be sterilised.
  12. After the cycle has finished, allow your steriliser to cool for at least 5 minutes before opening. Hold the lid by the two side handles, lift vertically until you have cleared the upper tray then tilt the lid away from you to allow the water to drain.
  13. The contents will remain sterile for 24 hours if the steriliser is unopened.
  14. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the sterilised items. Take care as the items may be hot. You can use teat tongs to remove small items.
  15. You can use the trays separately as a drying rack or sterile surface.
  16. To help in the reduction of limescale, pour away any remaining water from the base and wipe it dry with a soft cloth after every use.

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