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Tiny Love Wonder Buddies Toy - Thomas Rabbit

Tiny Love Wonder Buddies Toy - Thomas Rabbit

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Tiny Love Wonder Buddies Toy is a little Tiny Love rabbit toy with super smart sensors and seven fun-filled, interactive activities that will help your one-year-old develop and communication, cognition, creativity, imagination & more, while becoming their best friend! 

  • Smart buddy for toddlers 12m +
  • 7 interactive, fun-filled activities innovatively designed to develop your 1+ year old.
  • "Hide Me" to play peek-a-boo, "Tickle Me" to make his heart glow, "Feed Me" with a carrot to hear him nibble, "Bounce Me" to hear him go boing, "Touch My Nose" to make him sneeze, "Put Me to Bed" to hear him snore, "Shake Me" and hear me wobble
  • Smart sensors allow for a unique interaction to become their best friend
  • Comes with 7 developmental play cards to give you tips for fun and learning.
  • Play patterns promote understanding of cause and effect as well as daily skills.
  • Perfect for playing independently and parent-child bonding activities.
  • Sized just right for toddler's hands
  • Develops communication, cognition, creativity, emotions and more in a fun way

Contains 1x Thomas Rabbit Wonder Buddy Toy only. Mouse & Lion not included.

Recommended for 12+ months.

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The Wonder buddies are designed with smart sensors, making playtime interactive and exciting. Your little one will love to play peek-a-boo with Thomas the Rabbit. Hide the Wonder buddies in a drawer or under a blanket - hear the Whistle as the Wonder buddies call your little one to come and find them. Enjoy your toddler's pleasure and awe to hear the clap and cheering of the Wonder buddies when the toy is revealed! Perfectly fitting to their little palms and motor skills abilities, babies and toddlers can grab the Wonder buddies to bounce or shake them and hear the rewarding wobbling and Boing sounds, tickle their tummies to make their hearts glow, press their little noses to make them sneeze, achoo!, feed them a carrot, apple or cheese to hear them nibble and put them to bed for sweet, amusing snoring. The Wonder buddies will have your toddler laughing with delight, as well as learning about cause and effect.


Stages of Play

12+ months
Playing "peek-a-boo" is the ultimate games for children at this age. Discover the cheerful sounds that Thomas makes, when you cover the Wonder Buddy in a cloth. Play along and enjoy the precious time with your little one.

12-18 months
Let your little one play with the interactive Wonder Buddy by themselves, allowing them to discover its features on their own. Playing and discovering the various features independently, teaches your child about cause and effect.

2+ years
Wonder Buddy Thomas becomes their new best friend. Play hide-and-seek or feed Thomas to hear him nibble. Their close relationship will encourage independent play, for your little one's imagination to develop even further.



Pressing the belly say, "What happens when I press his belly? He giggles!" This game will improve their vocabulary and teach about cause and effect.

Emotional Intelligence​
Lay Thomas on a balanced surface and wait for him to fall asleep. He will start snoring! This teaches the principle of delayed gratification.​

Gross Motor Skills​
Thomas makes the funniest bouncy noises. Have your child mimic its sounds at different speeds, developing rhythm, coordination and physical control.

Fine Motor Skills​
Little ones can pick up Thomas' snack and feed their buddy. Strengthening their fine motor skills by grabbing the snack and putting it in his mouth.
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