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Tiny Love Meadow Days Gymini Sunny Day Activity Gym

Tiny Love Meadow Days Gymini Sunny Day Activity Gym

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Tiny Love Meadow Days Gymini Sunny Day Activity Gym is an innovative developmental play gym mat filled with fun and challenging activities, friendly characters and vibrant colors that take baby on a journey of exploration. Every part of the Gymini was carefully designed with baby’s development in mind, inspiring them to continuously discover, learn, and grow. The Sunny Days Gymini was created to encourage development in every area of the 7 developmental wonders.

  • 16 developmental activities to help baby develop while having fun
  • Easy-grasp clackers encourage motor development
  • Mirror for extended tummy time
  • Dragonfly jumpy toy and playful crinkly mobile offers tactile stimulation
  • Shiny satin ribbons help practice finger muscles and support fine motor skills
  • Adjustable arches for more play modes
  • Responsive baby-activated toy with 3 melodies promotes understanding of cause & effect
  • Peek-a-boo leaf promotes understanding of object permanence
  • Easy-grip teether for sensory exploration
  • Mat is machine-washable

Recommended for 0+ months.

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Modes of Use

While on their backs, babies will enjoy the overhead toys hanging on the arches and practice hitting and grasping.

Tummy Time
The Sunny Day's fun mirror, peek-a-boo leaf and other features will help extend tummy time, preparing baby for the major gross motor milestones ahead.


Sit & Play
When sitting up, babies can continue exploring the toys, enjoying their more complex features.

Switching Modes
Simply slide the connector to move the adjustable arches and shift between the two modes of play.


Encourage Continuous Exploration
Adjustable arches can be easily arranged in a variety of ways, or removed, to enhance your baby’s developmental environment. The open arches mode creates the ultimate tummy time space, allowing easy parental access for better bonding time.

Keep Baby Busy & Stimulated
The Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Day Gymini features 16 activities - sure to keep your baby busy having fun & learning!

Designed to Help Development
The toys are detachable, making it easy to play with a favorite on the mat or bring it with you when on the go.

Babies love putting things in their mouths, which they use to explore objects. The carrot teether will enrich baby's tactile experience and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Playing with the peek-a-boo leaf on the mat promotes cognitive development and teaches baby about object permanence - that even when an object is out of sigh, it is still there.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
We design our characters with big eyes and smiling faces because these are easier for babies to focus on and because they provide babies with important social and emotional information.

Fine Motor Skills
Sliding rings and removable hanging toys can be placed to encourage your baby to practice grasping, tapping, holding and hand-eye coordination, critical for future tasks, such as writing.

Gross Motor Skills
The intriguing features attached to the playmat distract baby during tummy time, enabling them to practice coordination and balance and strengthen their back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Imagination & Creativity
The mat's cute characters can be used to create inspiring stories, promoting the development of flexible improvisation skills.

Language & Communication
Talking to baby plays a major role in encouraging language development. Moving the adjustable arches' connector creates a comfortable space for bonding and communicating.



From the very first days, the Sunny Day's rich selection of features will offer your baby auditory, visual and tactile stimulation. Simply hang one of the toys at the appropriate distance from baby's face (about 25cm) and let your little one look at it, hear the sound it makes as you move it, etc. With time, your baby will learn to explore the playmat independently.

Move the adjustable arches into the open position and enjoy some quality bonding time with your baby, playing together and connecting while encouraging development. Show baby the various activities, talk about the characters using simple sentences ("Here's Marie the hedgehog!") or simply enjoy some precious eye-to-eye contact with your little one.

It's never too early to start practicing tummy time. Use the mat's 16 different activities to encourage baby to stay longer in tummy time as she grows, using the stimulation to distract baby from the effort it takes to stay in this position. For example, place him in front of the mirror on his tummy and let him explore his own reflection.


Introducing babies to different textures helps develop their senses and encourages the development of fine motor skills. The Gymini’s satin ribbons, easy-grasp clackers, jumpy dragonfly and other elements enrich baby’s tactile experience and help practice various types of grasping.

The Gymini’s musical hedgehog toy offers babies an excellent opportunity to further their understanding of cause and effect. Tapping the toy and attempting to prompt the music feedback supports this cognitive understanding, which gradually helps them realize that they have control and can actually make things happen.


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