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The Learning Journey Learn With Me Color Fun Fish Bowl

The Learning Journey Learn With Me Color Fun Fish Bowl

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The Learning Journey Learn With Me Color Fun Fish Bowl is an award-winning animated Color Fun Fish Bowl that introduces your child to colours and advances colour recognition using its two play modes.  Learning Mode: The Fish Bowl will announce the ten fish colors as your child gently slots the fish into the fishbowl. Find It Mode: The Fish Bowl challenges your little one to recognize colours by asking for one of the ten colored fish to be inserted into the fishbowl. 

  • Two play modes for fun hands-on learning.
  • Play modes include: Let’s Learn Colors and Find It quiz mode.
  • Safe and a great learning tool 
  • 10 colored fish included. Requires two AA batteries (included).
  • Educational Benefits: Introduces colors and builds tactile, motor, listening, thinking, and learning skills.
  • Developmental Skills: Improves FINE MOTOR SKILLS by requiring your child to gently place the correct fish into the fishbowl.
  • Builds confidence and Boosts self-esteem by providing a sense of achievement.
  • Cognitive development by encouraging your child to think creatively to find the correct color fish.

Recommended for 2Y+

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Two Modes
1) In learning mode,
Color Fun Fish Bowl announces the ten fish colors as your child gently pushes them into the fishbowl.
2) In find it mode, Color Fun Fish Bowl challenges your little one to recognize colors by asking for one of the ten colored fish to be inserted into the fishbowl. Fish Bowl will ask you a question that requires action. “Can you find the purple fish?” Children search their collection of fish and choose what they think answers the question. They have three tries to select the correct fish. With its bright eyes and happy face, Color Fun Fish Bowl is an interactive teacher. To retrieve the fish from the bowl, simply turn the storage compartment door located on the bottom of the bowl, and the fish come swimming out. Make learning colors interactive and fun by introducing your little one to the bubbly Color Fun Fish Bowl! Are you fishing for an exciting and interactive way to introduce colors to your little aqua adventurer?

Compact, Durable, Lightweight Design
Color Fun Fish Bowl comes in a compact, portable design made out of durable plastic for long-lasting fun! The talking unit is battery-operated and comes with an automatic power shut-off for battery optimization.

Hands-on Learning
Color Fun Fish Bowl is a fun way to learn all about colors through hands-on learning. With a "talk-about" design, Color Fun Fish Bowl develops language and social interaction skills while reinforcing listening and problem-solving abilities.

All Learning Journey products are regularly safety tested and are in compliance with all domestic and international toy safety regulations.

Award-winning products
Color Fun Fish Bowl is The Toy Insider TOP HOLIDAY TOY and Dr. Toy’s BEST PICKS award winner! Fun fact: The Learning Journey has an extensive line of Award-Winning Educational Toys that have been tested by the most important panel of judges… kids!

Tactile & Motor Skills, Thinking & Learning Skills, and Listening & Visual Skills
Build and enhance fine motor skills, develop critical thinking and learning skills, and listening and visual skills. The Learning Journey conducted extensive research of worldwide curriculum to determine the specific skills children need to develop during the various stages of their early lives. Extensive investigation revealed that the hundreds of specific skills identified fell into one or more defined categories. These categories were further developed and today make up The Learning Journey Skill Sets list. Look for these Skill Set icons on the back of The Learning Journey’s products.!


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