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Tangle Original Chrome Fidget Toy

Tangle Original Chrome Fidget Toy

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Tangle Original Chrome Fidget Toy is a fidget toy with eighteen curved jointed sections to twist and manipulate into almost limitless contortions. A series of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint. Perfectly smooth the whole way round with no beginning or end. With a sleek and fluid design, its essence is derived from the concept of infinite energy and was inspired by the Tibetan Infinite Knot. Great to fiddle with and difficult to put down! Twist it and turn it through your fingers or take it apart and put it back together again. These award winning fidget toys are fantastic for developing hand function and fine motor skills, from lowering anxiety to movement and sensory stimulation. 

  • Consists of eighteen 5cm curved sections.
  • For twisting, turning, and fidgeting
  • Hard, smooth texture
  • Modern, plastic with metallic finish, and sleek design
  • Fits nicely in the palm of an adult's hand
  • Each section can be taken apart and snapped back together.
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Useful for hand & wrist therapy
  • Calms anxiety & relaxes the mind
  • Great as a Modern desk toy, for Interior design, Film & photography shoots
  • Brain tool to train focus
  • Dimensions: 12" x 2.6" x 3.5" 

*Includes 1x Tangle toy only.

Recommended for 3+ years.

Due to the separating sections, the Tangles are a choking hazard for children under the age of 3.

*Below videos feature a range of Tangle Toys in different colours and designs that are not included. This product is the Tangle Chrome (refer to 1st product image for what you will receive)

Youtube preview

Youtube preview

Original Tangle Chrome

The Chrome Original Tangle is sculptural art that move. Its essence is derived from the concept of infinite energy and was inspired by the Tibetan Infinite Knot. With its sleek and fluid design, this Tangle reminds the viewer of being in a modern museum. Tangle is also art that heals and is used for a wide variety of reasons: from lowering anxiety to movement and sensory stimulation. Tangle Original Chrome everywhere illuminating the infinite power of creativity: Doctors' and Therapists' offices and waiting rooms Modern desk toys Interior designers Film and Photography shoots Sold in the Museum of Modern Art Design Store and many other museums.

Tangles are based on the concept of infinity and continuous motion. This "Magic in the Motion’ that you feel when you play with a Tangle is truly therapeutic and calming to the soul! Once you put a Tangle in your hand, you just can’t put it down! A Tangle is more than just a toy. It is twistable energy that enables a free flow of creativity from your mind. Technically, a Tangle is a series of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint. It has no beginning and no end - just continuous motion!

“That fun, twisty thing!” Tangles have endless uses and serve a variety of different purposes. It can be a puzzle, a movable sculpture, a desktop toy, a fidget, a brain tool, an anti-stress device, a teacher supply, or even a cosmic art toy with special powers! The possibilities are limitless! What do Tangles do? Tangles are fun to look at, fun to hold, fun to twist, turn, and manipulate. Tangles are appealing to all ages, to boys and girls alike, and even adults.

Tangles offer a hands-on art experience. Tangles bring out creativity and artistic imagination! Tangles are silent and calming. They do not disturb or disrupt others. Tangles are safe, reusable and affordable. Tangle toys come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and types for different age groups. They make great gifts for the home or office for people of all age groups.


Express your creative side by molding, turning, and twisting this Tangle in whatever shape and figure that you like.

It is silent and calming to use. It won’t disrupt or disturb others around you.

It is made of soft, durable, and flexible material. It is safe, fun, and built for long-lasting use.


After 40 years and almost 200 million units sold worldwide, you can find Tangles everywhere. From the classroom to the boardroom and every place in between, the fun and creativity never stop when you've got a Tangle in your hand.

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