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Spectra Spare Parts/Accessories - Backflow protector witth Membrane (1pc) (Local Version)

Spectra Spare Parts/Accessories - Backflow protector witth Membrane (1pc) (Local Version)

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Spectra Spare Parts/Accessories Backflow protector w/ Membrane (1 pc) is a backflow protector which acts as a physical barrier between milk and the pump motor to prevent milk from flowing to the pump. This is the new version of backflow protector.

  • Comes with a a membrane inside that can be replaced
  • Compatible with Spectra S1+, S2, 9+, M1, Q Breast Pumps.

*The part connecting to Spectra Breast Shield is fragile. So when slotting the backflow protector into Spectra Breast Shield, do not do it too tightly as it will result in difficulty removing later on. Secure it to Spectra Breast Shield but not all the way in.

This product consists of ONE backflow protector with membrane ONLY.

Note that some of these accessories can also be purchased as part of Premium Breastshield Set.

Backflow Protector & Membrane (New Version)

  1. Backflow Protector Cover is encase by the Backflow Protector Membrane so there is no possibility of milk crossing the membrane to cause backflow. 
  2. Backflow Protector Cover caps on the membrane to ensure a secure fit.
  3. This new version Backflow Protector also comes with a new version Backflow Protector Membrane

Please note that the new Backflow Protector Membrane and Backflow Protector is completely different from the old version. Therefore, old Membrane cannot be use in new version Backflow Protector & vice versa. 

Spectra Breast Backflow Protector

Backflow protector diaphragms need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months

Just like the valve membranes, the diaphragms in the backflow protectors can stretch and degrade over time, impacting suction. Replace these every 6 months if you pump once or twice a day, and replace every 3 months if you exclusively pump. Inspect this part regularly before you pump because a torn or damaged backflow protector diaphragm can allow moisture into the pump motor, causing irreparable damage and the potential for mould and bacteria to fester. This part does not come in contact with your baby’s milk, so does not need to be washed, unless you see condensation in the part. Then, wash it in hot soapy water and let it air dry and ensure it is completely dry before use again. The backflow protector is the heart of a closed system pump and protect your baby’s milk from contaminants and bacteria that could cause harm, so take great care of these. If not changed regularly, they will impact suction strength.

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