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Spectra S9+ Breast Pump (Local Version)

Spectra S9+ Breast Pump (Local Version)

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Spectra S9+ Breast Pump is a new compact breast pump from South Korea with the feature of single/ double sided pump, massage (Let Down) mode that help in stimulating your body's let down reflex to speed up the start of milk flow.

Here is what else we love about this pump:

  1. Feature of Single/double sided pumping in a tiny package - the pump weights only 300gm!
  2. Closed system - prevents breast milk backflow into the motor
  3. 5-level Massage mode and 10 Level Suction/Speed adjustment
  4. Much quiter than traditional electric breast pumps
  5. Built-in rechargeable battery*
  6. Suction pressure of 300 mmHg+-20%
  7. Super easy to clean - only the funnels needs to detached and washed after every pumping
  8. Automatically shuts off after 30min
  9. LCD screen
  10. Timer

*Battery life is usually sufficient for 2-3 sessions of 30min but also depends on user settings (vacuum level and period of time in massage mode).

Spectra Breast Pump comes with SPRING Singapore “SAFETY MARK” that ensures its power adaptor is safe for using in Singapore.

Note that this is a local set that comes with 2 year warranty (only applicable for pumps bought after 1st Apr 2016) by Spectra Singapore.

Extension of warranty is only applicable to pumps bought before 1st April 2016 by topping up the 5% price difference to extend another 6 months. Provided the warranty is still valid. Please send in your request to warranty@bingbling.com.sg

Spectra warranty starts from the date of purchase or baby birth date, whichever is later. 

You can register warranty online at this link (click here).

For warranty that starts from baby birth date, mummies can register their warranty within 21 days of their baby birth date and mail the warranty card back. Please note that the timeframe between the purchase date to baby birth date should not be more than 3 months.

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Backflow Protector (New Version)

  1. Backflow Protector Cover is encase by the Backflow Protector Membrane so there is no possibility of milk crossing the membrane to cause backflow. 
  2. Backflow Protector Cover caps on the membrane to ensure a secure fit.

Spectra Backflow Protector Comparison

Please note that the new Backflow Protector Membrane and Backflow Protector is completely different from the old version. Therefore, old Membrane cannot be use in new version Backflow Protector & vice versa. The old version of the membrane is available for purchase here.

What is in the box:

  1. 1 x Spectra S9 Plus main pump
  2. 2 x Wide neck breast shield (28mm size) - (you can purchase 24mm and 32mm shields separately)
  3. 2 x Wide neck Bottle (extra ones can be purchased separately)
  4. 2 x Tubing
  5. 2 x Disc
  6. 2 x Cap
  7. 2 x Backflow protector (New version)
  8. 2 x Valve
  9. 1 x Power adaptor (3 pin plug)

*Does not come with any teats.

We also carry a wide selection of Spectra spare parts and accessories. Alternatively you can purchase premium breast shield set that comes with all accessories in one package.

For the first charge, it is recommended that mummies drain off the existing battery before charging for the first time for 8 hours. Subsequently, charging times will be at least 75 minutes for a full charge.

Use the table below to help you choose the right Spectra Breast Pump for you:

*Please allow a +/-20% variance in Vacuum Strength for all Spectra Breast Pumps. 

ModelDew 350S2 S1S9+M1
Weight 0.99kg 0.99kg 1.1kg 300g 500g
Vacuum strength 350mmHg 300mmHg 300mmHg 300mmHg 300mmHg
Timer No Yes Yes Yes No
Rechargeable Battery
No No Yes Yes Yes
Nightlight No Yes Yes No No
Massage mode for letdown No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grade Hospital Grade Hospital Grade Hospital Grade Personal Use Personal Use
Cycle speed 38rpm 38-54 rpm (5 steps) 38-54 rpm (5 steps) Adjusts with suction Adjusts with suction
Adjustable speed No Yes Yes Adjusts with suction Adjusts with suction


"Very happy with this pump, I have tried other brands and found the suction levels of the Spectra 9 Plus start very low and gentle giving you a greater selection as you move through the different levels of intensity. I also found the rechargeable battery to be extremely convenient as I am current an occasional user but will be returning to study in the next month and feel confident that with this product I will be able to continue breastfeeding my baby."

"I cannot rave about this product and company enough! I never complete product reviews but am so happy to complete one for the Spectra 9 plus that arrived last week (24 hours after ordering – amazing considering I don’t live in a large town) and changed my pumping life!

I previously had a Medela and thought it was fine until it broke and I replaced it with the Spectra 9 plus – what a difference! I’ve gone from pumping for an hour to get 60-80 mls, to spending 15 minutes to get 100mls+! I no longer stress about my freezer stash, knowing that each day I’m able to pump enough to pop some in the freezer for when needed.

The double pump is fantastic, and it is so, so, so, easy to use. I absolutely love this pump and endorse it wholeheartedly."

Spectra S9+ Breast Pump

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