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Spectra Handsfree Set (2 Cups) (Local Version)

Spectra Handsfree Set (2 Cups) (Local Version)

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Spectra Handsfree Set is a handsfree pumping set compatible with all Spectra pumps. This handsfree set allows you to pump inside your bra while you have both hands free to do something else. This set includes silicone connector for regular bottle pumping, so it allows you to choose whether to pump handsfree into cup, or pump regularly into bottle.

  • Compatible with all Spectra pumps
  • Set of 2 handsfree cup set
  • Cup mouth has an outlet that allows easy pour & transfer of milk into storage bottles
  • Lightweight with large storage capacity
  • Cup capacity approx. 250 ml
  • Backflow prevention function
  • Includes additional 2x silicone connector for regular bottle pumping


  • 2 x handsfree cup (250 ml each) (no measurement markings)
  • 2 x flange (28 mm)
  • 2 x silicone valve connector (for handsfree cup)
  • 2 x silicone valve
  • 2 x backflow membrane
  • 2 x backflow prevention cap
  • 2 x tubing
  • 2 x silicone bottle connector (for regular bottle pumping)




2 pump modes

Includes both handsfree pumping silicone connector and regular bottle pumping connector. Therefore, you can choose to pump both ways with this set! Pump handsfree or pump straight into Spectra wide-neck bottles. The valve and backflow membrane and cap fits both connectors.

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