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Smart Kid Belt ClypX Car Seat Belt Positioning Restraint

Smart Kid Belt ClypX Car Seat Belt Positioning Restraint

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Smart Kid Belt ClypX Car Seat Restraint is an excellent, portable child car restraint system that is used with the existing safety belts in your car and helps you make adjustments specific to your child. It is a strap that anchors at the side of the lap belt and smoothly adjusts the shoulder belt down to the correct child's height, allowing the lap section to rest across the hips, similar to car integrated boosters. Crash tested for safety and approved for use by independent institutes in the US and EU. Our product can be used in any new car and in any older car with a lap and shoulder belt system, enabling a safe carriage of children in the car. Take it on your family trips and reduce the clutter in your back seat! No more car seats or booster seats!

  • Suitable for children from Groups 2 / 3 (4-12 years) and weighing between 15 and 36 kg (we recommend 5-12 years), height 38 to 57 in
  • Thanks to its easy adjustment, it grows with your child
  • The smallest and the only pocket-sized car restraint - lightweight (165g), convenient, fits in purses, great for travelling, on-the-go
  • Fits every car model equipped with seat belts, for all cabs, taxis, carpooling, rental cars, etc
  • Allows all 3 People to fit in the back row of seats of your car
  • Even for older children or shorter adults
  • Easy enough to use by everyone including your children. Simply fasten the lower clip, adjust the length of the belt & fasten upper clip. 
  • Crash tested, approved and Road Legal for the EU and USA. Surpasses NHTSA Guidelines.
  • Safety certificate EU ECE R44 04 / US FMVSS 213 (Both Certificates are printed on the Label of the Smart Kid Belt so you are always in case you get stopped at road blocks)
  • Manufactured and Designed in the European Union for Highest quality and safety

The Singapore Traffic Police accepts five safety standards*: any child restraint that have been crash tested and received certification from America, Britain, Australia, Europe or Japan. This restraint is approved in EU and USA, therefore it is also approved in Singapore.

(*For details refer to the Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276) Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Wearing of Seat Belts) Rules 2011 S 688/2011)

Recommended for 5+ years.

*Actual belt does not come with inscription as featured in secondary pictures and product packaging. Brand logo can only be found engraved on the buckle.

Since 2018, Smart Kid Belt removed logo on the belt to ensure no interference to the structure of the material. For product marketing reasons, packaging will continue to feature Smart Kid Belt on belt as it is more prominent

*Packaging states that this item is for 5+ years and Group 2/3 (4-12 years). 5+ years is a manufacturer recommendation. Smart Kid Belt is officially approved for use from 4 years.

Smart Kid Belt - The Simple and Safe Replacement to Child Booster Car Seats

It's not only an excellent, portable child car restraint system that’s been tested for safety and approved for use by independent institutes in the US and EU, but it also helps address a much larger concern surrounding child safety. It has also surpassed NHTSA guidelines.

Based on AAP and NHTSA guidelines, kids should be restrained in a CRS (child restraint system) while riding until the age of 12, regardless of state law.

Studies show that, starting at age 5, people begin to abandon booster and car seats because they are too cumbersome, and by the age of 8 almost 80% of kids are not using any type of restraint system. In fact, in the age group of 8 to 12 only 10% of children are properly restrained. Smart Kid Belt, with its convenience and simplicity, is made to address this problem.

Simply put, parents and kids love it!

Smart Kid Belt is used with the existing safety belts in your car and helps you make adjustments specific to your child. It works by simply adjusting the shoulder belt to the correct position and allowing the lap section to rest across the hips, similar to car integrated boosters.

Our product can be used in any new car and in any older car with a lap and shoulder belt system. Take it on your family trips and reduce the clutter in your back seat! You can even give it to your child when he or she goes to school or practice to ensure his or her safety while carpooling on the way back.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the convenience and ease-of-mind you deserve with Smart Kid Belt!


How to wear Smart Kid Belt?

How to wear Smart Kid Belt?

1. Fasten the lower fixing buckle
Put the child in the back seat, place him in the way that his back touches the back seat. Fasten the car safety belt afterwards. Now insert the Smart Kid Belt lower fixing buckle into the car belt. Do this as low as possible, preferably at the place where a lower part of the belt comes out from the seat and runs next to child’s thighs. Inserting the Smart Kid Belt lower fixing buckle into the safety belt is adjusted to the length in the lumbar spine!

2. Adjust the length of the product
After inserting the belt into the lower fixing buckle, adjust the length of the Smart Kid Belt to the height of a child. The Smart Kid Belt gives parents the opportunity to adjust it precisely to the height of their child. Use it and adjust the product in the way that the upper fixing buckle would be with a height of 5 cm (3 fingers) above the shoulder. Thanks to the possibility to adjust the Smart Kid Belt product to the height of a child, the product will start growing up with him. One belt can be used for many years!

3. Fasten the upper fixing buckle
After adjusting the length of the Smart Kid Belt product and ensuring that its upper fixing buckle is with a height of 5cm above the shoulder, insert it into the upper part of the car belt. Remember that the upper fixing strap should be positioned between the arm and neck of a child. Thanks to inserting the Smart Kid Belt upper fixing strap, the collar bone section of the car’s belt will secure your child in a proper manner. Have a nice trip!

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For children from groups 2 and 3
Smart Kid Belt is a product designed for children from groups 2 and 3. The aforementioned groups include 4-12 years, weighing 15-36 kg. In our opinion the Smart Kid Belt product may be used for 5 years, taking into consideration the height and weight of a child. Thanks to easy adjustment, the Smart Kid Belt grows up with your child. Therefore, you can use it for many years!

Smart Kid Belt weighs only 120 g. It is the smallest product in the world to carry children safely. You can have it in every car, rucksack or bag. It is ideal for cabs or school trips. Transportation of your children by your family members and friends has never been so easy. Regardless of the situation, Smart Kid Belt ensures the safety your child deserves.

A lot of room
The presence of three children in the back seat with Smart Kid Belt is not a problem but great fun for the whole family. You can travel with up to three children wherever you want without any obstacles.

For everyone who needs it
Ideal adjustment of the seat belt significantly increases the safety of a passenger. Smart Kid Belt may be successfully used where regulations do not require it. For instance, for older children and adults of a lower height.

For every car
Smart Kid Belt fits every car model equipped with seat belts. You don’t have to be concerned anymore whether the booster seat will fit your car or how your seats will look like afterwards.

The size of Smart Kid Belt and its package facilitate logistics process, reduce costs and its negative impact on the environment.

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 1.85 in

Small but safe?

We know that parents are convinced of booster seats. Good for them! Many of them are high class which ensures the greatest safety for children during a journey. Smart Kid Belt doesn’t pretend and state that it is better. Although many products are certified by the ECE approval label, which is perceived as a dangerous mark, we know that they are of a doubtful quality. Hence, we decided to confirm our results in the United States. From two independent institutions Smart Kid Belt got great strain results that affect children during a journey and are of key importance for dangerous situations. The result of 40G with a maximum value of 55G proves how good and fast Smart Kid Belt works. We are transparent and we share our results with you obtained during crash tests.

The safety of our product can be seen in the FMVSS 213 certificate that Smart Kid Belt claims. The results show that the G strains acting on a child using Smart Kid Belt are about 40 Gs, while the maximum allowed amount is 55 G. Apart from the US FMVSS 213, and Canadian CMVSS 213, our device also carries the ECE 44 – which is the certificate created by European research institutes that allows the belt to be used in Europe (there are appropriate markings on Smart Kid Belt labels that show approval for legal use in the US and EU).

The graph on the left shows you a record of one of the many crash tests we have carried out for the Smart Kid Belt. This particular test, carried out on a 32 kg crash test dummy, shows the course of the resultant delay during dynamic tests. Perhaps you are wondering how to read the data, but it is quite simple. Red dotted line - indicates the highest strain threshold for passing the tests. Coloured lines from 1 to 5 - each line indicates another crash test. G-axis - indicates the strain of the manikin during the test. The S-axis determines the operating time of the product. As we see in the graph, the strains acting on the mannequin fastened to the Smart Kid Belt did not exceed 40 G in practically any of these tests, while the maximum value is 55 G.

The lower the G force the safer the car seat. Also there is no diving effect while using Smart Kid Belt.


Click here for more data & analysis on the safety of Smart Kid Belt.


In the video below, you can see that the shoulder belt doesn't change position during the collision. Furthermore, the lap belt is in direct contact with the entire surface of the child’s pelvis low on the hips, similar to car integrated boosters. This ensures that the belt safely catches the mannequin right at the very moment of collision, preventing any additional and unnecessary force on the child’s hips as well as any possible "submarining", which when the lower part of the body is pushed into the seat cushion during a collision, causing the child to slide underneath the lap belt, further risking the child to more injury.

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Dynamic tests have been carried out in accordance with the ECE R44-04 and FMVSS 213 regulations.

  • Smart Kid Belt reaches g-force values ranging from 26 to 38 g.
  • Booster cushions – from 48 to 50 g.
  • Child safety seats – from 50 to 55 g.



How does it work?
Smart Kid Belt works off of what engineers have been designing and perfecting in your car for years. The closest comparison of its safety characteristics are to car integrated boosters, but instead of raising the child to fit the seatbelt we bring the seatbelt to the child. This way the child can use the vehicle's seat belts and get the benefit of any advanced seat belt functionality (e.g. belt pretensioners and load limiters). Enhancing your child's safety with Smart Kid Belt is as simple as attaching it onto the car belt, where its clips connect to the lap and shoulder part of vehicle seat belts. The stable, highly adjustable and precise fastening of Smart Kid Belt’s strap with the car’s seat belt significantly reduces potential strains that are dangerous to a child’s health in the event of an accident. Smart Kid Belt is a very simple but powerful invention that makes these adjustments quick and effortless. After Smart Kid Belt is installed the child can easily buckle and unbuckle itself every time in a seconds.

Who should use Smart Kid Belt?
Smart Kid Belt was tested and approved for children ages 4 - 12 weighing over 40 pounds. However we suggest not to use it with your child until he or she is closer to 5 years old, as we believe that 4 year old children should be in high back boosters or 5 point car seats. You can legally restrain 4 year olds with Smart Kid Belt, but we suggest doing so only if your child is big enough and can sit correctly by his or herself. You should definitely use Smart Kid Belt until your child is 12 years old or 57" tall, even if your state law doesn't require you to do so. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), and many other organizations suggest that children should be using CRS (child Restraint System) until they are at least of this age or at this height, as this is about the time a car seat belts alone fit your child correctly.

Why Smart Kid Belt?
Smart Kid Belt’s biggest advantage over other child restraint systems (CRS) is its enormous convenience and simplicity that doesn’t compromise its safety. Simply put, it’s small, portable, and it will help to keep your child safer on the road. In our opinion, the best CRS is one that is painless to install and easy to use, as there are far too many children travelling without being secured by a CRS of any kind or misusing their CRS in a way that can be even more detrimental to their safety. Smart Kid Belt’s straightforward design ensures that you will be able to install it properly and buckle your child securely every time. Furthermore, once installed, your child can buckle and unbuckle him or herself from it without any help! The more complicated a device is the more frequently misuse can occur, which leads to less protection for your child. Accidents happen when you least expect them, but if you can use a restraint system every time, even during short 5 minute trips, it will lead to your child being much safer.
Smart Kid Belt is so small and lightweight that it can go with you or your child anywhere. Keep it in your purse, bag, or pocket so that your child will never be without a CRS. You can even put it in your child's backpack so that he or she has a safe way to get home from school or practice while carpooling! There are no more excuses to not restrain your child while on a trip or carpooling. Finally, older children don’t mind using it, which is a BIG plus in a holistic child's safety approach. All in all, we hope that the uncomplicated and user-friendly design of Smart Kid Belt will help families consistently keep their children safe.

Is it legal?
Yes, it is! We’ve conducted all of the tests and obtained certifications required for safe and legal use in the United States, Canada and the European Union. In the USA, FMVSS 213 governs the performance and design criteria for CRS (child restraint systems). Its regulations and definitions establish what is legal for use in each age group. In reality, the terminology used to describe CRS is not important as long as the device passes the required tests appropriate to the age group it is supposed to be used for. However, some people want to argue that the CRS terminology that is used by their individual state takes precedence over the actual and tested safety performance of the device itself. So, for the sake of argument, let’s go down this road and talk it over. Most states use the terminology “child restraint system” in their law that governs child passenger safety, however there are a few states that use the term “booster seat” instead. Now, let’s prove that even with this approach, Smart Kid Belt is still legal in those states. According to the NHTSA's definitions under FMVSS 213 (pages 10 and 11 of TP-213-10), boosters belong to a group of restraint systems characterized as “A child restraint that is either a backless child restraint system or a belt-positioning seat.” Furthermore, a “belt-positioning seat” is characterized as “A child restraint system that positions a child on a vehicle seat to improve the fit of a vehicle Type II belt system.” Now you can see how Smart Kid Belt , as a belt-positioning system, falls under the definition of “booster seat.” This makes Smart Kid Belt legal in all states no matter what language is used, even though just a year ago there wasn’t such a simple and powerful invention like Smart Kid Belt .

Is Smart Kid Belt really as good as a car seat?
We believe that there’s nothing better than a backwards-facing car seat and that you should keep your child in one for as long as possible (around the age of 4). The only problem with child car seats is that they are misused much too often because parents face their children forward too early and keep them that way for too long. Issue with this is that when children get older they feel too restrained and no longer want to sit still, so parents choose to start loosening up the harness to the point that it is no longer safe and the child would be better off in a high back booster seat utilizing seat belts instead of harness. Obviously, there are situations where car seats should be used for longer; but like always with child passenger safety, a lot depends on your child and on some other factors. So rather than misuse a car seat with your child, Smart Kid Belt can be the better choice. To learn more, we invite you to check out our blog.

Is Smart Kid Belt really good alternative to high back booster seat?
In our opinion high back booster seats are the best option for most children when they turn 4, some of the reasons are that they keep the child straight and allow the child to sleep during longer travels. However, the major reason to use them over car seats is to avoid misuse. You should use them until your child is about 5 years old, but it really depends on the child. If you buy a high-quality high back booster seat (which may cost as much as $300!) then you can certainly use it longer. Unfortunately, we’ve found it difficult to find very good boosters on the US market. Most of them are outdated as they don’t follow the latest research and discoveries in child car safety. Of course, these are only our opinions, which are open for some debate (especially by the manufacturers themselves, as they will argue for their own pros). Therefore, we think of Smart Kid Belt as a good alternative to high back boosters for 5 year olds or 4 year olds if he or she is mentally and physically ready to sit straight on their own. We invite you to read our blog for more information.

Is Smart Kid Belt better than a backless booster?
We think it is, we definitely know it is much more convenient, and this alone makes it better in many situations. We believe such a convenient device that is at least as safe as a booster can have an incredibly positive impact on child safety in an overall and holistic view. People tend to enjoy using convenient devices and use them much more often and for much longer. Our biggest real-life problem is that there are plenty of situations where children are not using a restraint at all. Starting at age 5, parents begin to abandon booster and car seats, not because they’re unsafe but because they get tired of dealing with them. We are absolutely not promoting this behavior, but it is the unfortunate reality and we want to address it. In fact, only 20% of children ages 5 to 8 are using some kind of CRS, and this number drops down to only 10% ages 8 to 12. Regardless of your state law, you should be using a restraint with your children until the age of 12 (based on NHTSA, AAP and many other institutes and research guidelines).

Boosters are a safe and established child restraint system (CRS), but are much more prone to misuse, as data/research has shown. On top of that, many of them are poorly designed. I want to reiterate here that not all boosters are bad, if you and your child use them correctly every time, and you enjoy using it they are a good CRS. Unfortunately, there is no single perfect CRS because it always depends on many different factors; one CRS can be better than the other under specific circumstances and vice versa. However if you feel your child is ready for backless booster seat, than most likely he or she is ready for Smart Kid Belt.

Who created Smart Kid Belt?
Smart Kid Belt was created by a group of parents with a background in engineering and many years working in the child safety industry. Thanks to their hard work and knowledge, many products have been created that ensure the safety of children and the peace of mind of thousands of families. The design of Smart Kid Belt is the result of observations in the industry and the market, as well as research and statistics on how CRS are used, misused, and often not even used at all! This, topped with a willingness to acknowledge and respond to the real problems of parents around the world is how Smart Kid Belt came to be. We work with an absolute belief in our product after many commercial tests have been performed on it by independent research institutes.

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