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Skip Hop Playspot Playmat - Blue/Gold

Skip Hop Playspot Playmat - Blue/Gold

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Skip Hop Playspot Playmat - Blue/Goldis a stylish soft floor surface mat that is soft and cushiony so your little one can play and explore in comfort! Featuring trendy colours, this playmat will complement your home decor! Its soft EVA foam tiles are over-sized, enabling an extra-large play space that will excite any child! This Playspot Playmat is specially designed and tested for younger children and is suitable for ages 0+. Versatile and easily customizable, you can configure this playmat in endless ways to suit your needs and fit your home's layout. Feel free to use just 4 tiles or all; you can even add more sets! Comes with 20 tiles in total.

Skip Hop Playspot Playmat Green/Brown



Why we love this product:

  1. Innovative soft EVA foam tiles!
  2. Oversized tiles and extra large mat space to play on!
  3. Customizable! Use 4 tiles or all! You can even add more sets!


"The colours in this are so much fun and it matches our room better than I could have imagined because of the variety of colors in the mat. I love that you can customize it by interchanging the circles. It has a smooth side and a textured size. It was fun to put together because I could get a little creative with it. This is a really flexible piece. Right now we aren't using all the tiles, we're just using enough to make an area rug in the nursery for our 22-month-old and 3-month-old to play on. My 22-month-old enjoys plopping down on it to read books or play with her dolls. Once my 3-month-old starts crawling, I may expand the size of the mat, or I may put a baby gate around it and cage him in so he can roam around without hurting himself on our hardwood floors. It will be a perfect, soft landing when he is learning to sit and to pull up. Eventually, I may move it outside to use under their small slide. You can just wipe up with a damp cloth and you're done. Very practical during these messy infant and toddler years." - Cecilia

"I've been looking around to get a foam mat for my 4 month old son. This is just perfect. The size is great, the colours are awesome, easy to build, and toxic free (which for me, was the selling point.) I personally think that it's great for tummy time no matter what age your baby is. It allows baby to learn how to roll without the concern that she/he would bang their head on a hard surface. I would definitely recommend this to everyone." - Klein


Product Dimensions:

Each tile measures 14" x 14".

When all 20 tiles are attached, this playmat measures W 70" x H 56" x D 0.4"


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