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Cloversoft provides affordable, safe and eco-friendly products for customers. The signature polar bear icon on CloverSoft’s packaging identifies them as an official partner of Polar Bears International. CloverSoft donates to the “Save the polar bears” campaign on behalf of our consumers. Choose safe, eco-friendly unbleached bamboo tissues and wipes from Cloversoft. Let’s save the polar bears and protect the environment together! 

Current Promotion: Christmas Sale Gifts with Purcshase Promotions!

1) Get a free limited ed. Cloversoft 100% Antibacterial Unbleached Bamboo Organic Wipes, 40 sheets (Rose Quartz Ocean) worth $2.75 with a $50 purchase of Cloversoft products.

2) Get a Free Cloversoft Twist Lock Container Tub (Limited Edition) worth $15 when you purchase two boxes of Cloversoft 4-in-1 Anti Dust Mite Laundry Pods.

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