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Shifu Plugo AR Interactive Smart Toy (app based) (4 Types)

Shifu Plugo AR Interactive Smart Toy (app based) (4 Types)

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Shifu Plugo AR Interactive Smart Toy is an interactive AR (augmented reality) gaming system to stimulate STEM skills. This gaming system consists of a gamepad and a game kit. Sync it with with your mobile device via the Shifu Plugo app and start playing! With Plugo, your child can interact and play using the tactile game kits without touching the screen. They won’t even realize they’re learning math, vocabulary, dexterity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and so much more. It is perfect for all kids, no matter what their learning style is.

  • An AR gaming system that makes STEM super fun and hands-on. 1 app, interchangeable game kits, unlimited gaming!
  • Several interchangeable game kits are available (EACH GAME KIT ARE TO BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY): e.g. Link, Count, Tune, Letters
  • Different game kits for learning math, engineering, music, language, logical reasoning & more...
  • With over 250 progressive levels across the different games. Level difficulties designed to suit the learning needs of kids as per their age.
  • Download the free Plugo app. Place the Gamepad on a flat surface and insert your mobile device in the slot. Launch the plugo app. The app will quickly sync and you will be taken to the home screen. Place the game kit toy on the game pad in front of your screen and start playing!
  • The app uses your device camera to detect the game kit toy and identifies the changes as your child plays
  • Spark STEM skills - Each gaming kit offers exciting educational games that are conceptualized to make your child play, learn and have fun—all at the same time.
  • Device compatibility: iOS, Samsung, Amazon Fire Devices (refer to list below)
  • Gamepad is compatible with all Plugo game kits
  • No wires, no electronics or additional hardware; our gaming system requires minimum effort to set-up and play. No in-app purchases

Recommended for 4-10 years.

This product is ONE game kit only. Choose from the dropdown to select which game kit type you would like to buy.

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Below Gaming Kits all are to be purchased separately.



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Build and balance the magnetic blocks in real world to solve exciting engineering puzzles on the screen. Create a range of gravity-defying structures using magnetic building blocks (included in the game kit) to clear the challenges and progress through the games. Classic building blocks meet modern digital play with Plugo Link! 

  • IN THE BOX - comes with a foldable gamepad and 15 magnetic hexagonal building blocks.  A help guide with step-by-step instructions is also included.
  • The hexagons and the gamepad connect using embedded magnets.
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • App has puzzles and quests to challenge kids to put the blocks in the correct location to achieve objects and unlock new levels.
  • Design structures with hexagon building blocks to solve problems. 
  • Build & balance structures with 15 links to develop engineering skills.
  • No Bluetooth and no electronics. 
  • Designed to adjust the learning concepts and the difficulty as per age of the kid
  • Engages auditory, visual, and tactile senses.
  • Skills: engineering, analytical thinking, creative design
  • Spark STEM skills - Plugo Link is designed to spur the essential elements of STEM curriculum such as creativity, critical thinking, reasoning abilities, and spatial intelligence in kids.


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Plugo Count reinvents math with engaging stories that help kids understand and fall in love with numbers. It combines unlimited activities that put kids in different thrilling situations that test their Math abilities and make numbers fun. Hands-on learning system and takes your kids through a series of story-based challenges that need to be solved with a combination of numbers and arithmetic operators. Traditional math made fun with an innovative hands-on approach. 

  • IN THE BOX - Plugo Count comes with 1 foldable gamepad, 1 Count Spike, 4 arithmetic operators (+ - x/), and 2 sets of digits 0-9. A help guide with step-by-step instructions is also included.
  • The gamepad and Count Spike connect through embedded magnets. 
  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles 
  • Unravel mysteries and cross hurdles with numbers & arithmetic
  • Indulge in various story-based math activities solving word problems, timed trials, and arithmetic questions.
  • Select your child's grade to adjust the difficulty of the games.
  • No Bluetooth and no electronics. 
  • Skills: math (+ - x /), problem-solving, logical reasoning
  • Spark STEM skills -triggers auditory, visual, and tactile senses in kids and Spurs their comprehension abilities, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical intelligence.
  • Develop essential STEM skills like math, problem-solving, comprehension and critical thinking.




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Learn to play piano, get friendly with musical notes and build musical intelligence! Plugo Tunes is a music learning kit for beginners, the piano only works with tablets & smartphones. Get familiar with music notes, learn to play popular songs, and compose music. Practice with Plugo Tunes and transition to a real-world keyboard smoothly. Master the ABCs of music notes, learn to play the piano, and build musical intelligence!

  • IN THE BOX - 1 piano, 3 musical pops, 2 key-mapping stickers, 1 foldable gamepad (with magnetic play area), help guide. 
  • Learn to play piano with a fun & phygital keyboard that only works with tablets and smartphones.
  • Play along to learn 50+ songs - all your favorite rhymes, jingles, and carols.
  • Compose your music and use musical 'pops' to add a little twist. Comes with 3 accompanying rhythms for each musical pop. Make those colorful birds dance to your tunes!
  • Innovative waterfall technique
  • Notes, octaves, chords, sequences
  • Step into the musical world and get friendly with keys, notes & beats
  • Skills: musical intelligence, creativity, persistence
  • Develop STEM/STEAM Skills - Develop musical skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory skills, musical & cognitive intelligence



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AR-powered word building kit that combines the goodness of hands-on learning and healthy screen-time. An alphabet kit that goes beyond word-building. Learn to spell new words with phonics and improve your vocabulary and word usage in sentences. Packed with stories, characters, poems and puzzles to make learning super fun!

  • IN THE BOX - The kit contains a Letters Trunk and 48 letter tiles. It comes with the Plugo gamepad, a foldable mat with embedded magnets to hold the Plugo kit on one side, and your device goes in the slot on the other side.
  • Spell with tiles on the Trunk, and put them all inside to store away.
  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • Learn to spell & use new words through story-based games.
  • Spell with alphabet tiles, grow your vocabulary, and improve grammar with story-based games.
  • Develop grammar concepts like verbs, vowels, synonyms and language concepts like nouns, verbs, tenses, etc.
  • Games can be adapted to the child’s grade from pre-K to 4 for a progressive educational journey.
  • Skills: language development, comprehension, storytelling
  • STEM, STEAM & everything in between - sharpen your linguistic, reading, comprehension, cognitive, and motor skills.






Is Plugo compatible with my device?
Make sure to check you have one of the following devices.
iOS Devices

  • iPad 3rd gen & above
  • iPad Mini 2 & above
  • iPad Air all models
  • iPad Pro all models (except Pro 12”)
  • iPhone 6 & above

Samsung Devices

  • 2015 and newer, 2GB RAM and above

Amazon Fire Devices

  • Fire 7 - 9th gen, 2019 release
  • 8th gen, 2018 release, 10th gen, 2020 release

Do I need Bluetooth or batteries to operate Plugo?
No, you don’t need batteries, Bluetooth, or any other extra electronics or hardware to use Plugo.

Does Plugo offer games in my language?
Plugo is available in English, Japanese, French and German.

How does Plugo work?
Plugo comes with a foldable gamepad with skill-based playkits and a slot to hold your device. All you need to do is place the device in the gamepad slot. Every action you perform using the kits is reflected on your device.

Do I need WiFi/internet to use Plugo?
Yes, to set up the app! Once the Plugo app is set up on your device, you can play the games offline, without the internet. However, you will need to connect to the internet from time-to-time to update your app and have access to all new games and levels.

Is Plugo common-core aligned?
Yes, Plugo Count is common-core aligned.

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