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Safety 1st U-Pressure Fit Flat Step Gate

Safety 1st U-Pressure Fit Flat Step Gate

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Safety 1st U-Pressure Fit Flat Step Gate is a pressure-fit/mounted gate with a very flat bottom step for less trip hazards. Standard gates have about 3cm high bottom step, which causes trip easily. This gate has a low bottom step to avoid trips. For use at bottom of stairs and hallways & doorways, the Flat Step Gate makes it easy to get around the house. With a new ergonomic design and a SecureTech® locking technique for the handle, as well as dual-action design to help pressurize the gate - this is the baby gate for you. 

  • Thin step over bar for no more trip hazard especially at the top of the stairs
  • U-shaped frame with four pressure points provides solid fit and doesn't require drilling
  • Secure tech visual indicator to show that gate securely locks into place
  • A keep open system to offer flexibility when the kids aren't around
  • Double locking mechanism for added security
  • 2-way one-hand open
  • Safety gate that adjusts to fit openings from 73 cm to 80 cm and can be extended up to 108 cm with separate extensions (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Gate is 30 inches high, 24” door opening.
  • Can be used as a pet safety gate as well

Recommended for babies 6-24 months.

Safety First U-Pressure Fit Extensions available in (click): 7cm, 14cm, 28cm

This item is non-returnable.

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