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Richell Soft Inflatable Baby Bath Tub - Green

Richell Soft Inflatable Baby Bath Tub - Green

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Richell Soft Inflatable Baby Bath Tub can be inflated to become a soft and fluffy bath tub for newborns and infants. It has a supportive structure with horizontal and vertical air layer within the bath tub. The softness provides cushion and support to mother's arms and baby's back. Most of all, it can be deflated, folded and stored compact, making it a great travelling companion.

  • Inflatable baby bath tub
  • Use a commercial air pump (not included) to inflate 
  • Supportive structure with horizontal and vertical air layer
  • Gentle soft cushy support for baby and mother's arms
  • When inflated, walls and edges of the bath tub is strong and does not collapse even if you rest ur arms on it
  • Fits baby's back perfectly, baby's posture is maintained with a slight inclined backrest
  • Stopper at the center of the tub between baby's legs to prevent baby from slipping off
  • Hook for hanging dry bath tub
  • Deflates and folds compact for easy storage and carry along

Recommended for 0-3 months (up to 60cm).

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Baby-friendly soft cushions!
Can use without infant bath mesh.

Durable and strong
Firm structure with a horizontal air layer that is gentle on mom's arms and a durable vertical air layer.

Combines practicality, functionality and durability.

Fits perfectly on baby's back!
The baby's posture is maintained with a moderate inclination of the backrest.

With hook
After washing, you can hang it in a well-ventilated place to dry.

Small foldable
Easy to store and carry as it stores.


  • Target age: from newborn to around 3 months
  • Applicable height: up to 60 cm
  • Size: 68 x 47 x H29 cm
  • Weight: 580 g
  • Material: Vinyl chloride resin (using plasticizer compliant with the Food Sanitation Law)
  • Optimal hot water temperature: 37 ~ 40 ℃ (* Do not put hot water above 50 ℃)
  • Capacity (full water): 25 L


Important Notes

  • The baby will behave unexpectedly, so be sure to have a guardian accompany you and keep an eye on the baby.
  • If you take your eyes off with hot water in it, you may drown, so please refrain from doing so.
  • Make sure your baby's head is supported while bathing, and do not let water drip into your ears or water.
  • When adding air, inflate it so that wrinkles remain. If you add too much air, the heat of the hot water may expand the air and damage it.
  • Before use, be sure to check the main body for air leaks.
  • Avoid using it for any other purpose.
  • Do not use this product on water. Please use in a stable place that is flat and non-slip.
  • Please do not put hot water above 50 degrees. The main body may be damaged.
  • Hot water temperature is 37-40 degrees. Please be sure to check before inserting children.
  • When you use hot water, children may get burned, so please raise your child once.
  • Please do not move with hot water in this product. There is a risk of hazard.
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