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Red Castle CocoonaBaby Nest (0-3m) (3 Designs)

Red Castle CocoonaBaby Nest (0-3m) (3 Designs)

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Red Castle CocoonaBaby Nest is an ergonomic cocoon which repositions the child in the semi-foetal position he adopted in his mummy’s tummy. Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing him with a comforting, reassuring, well-defined space which reminds him of his mother's womb.

The Cocoonababy® helps the newborn to adapt as best as to possible life following birth.The semi-foetal, slightly curved position which baby adopts in the cocoon, soothes him, reassures him and helps to limit the onset of the principal troubles which may bother him during his first months.

The Cocoonababy® helps to:

  • Improve the quality and length of sleep.
  • Reduce waking with a start or Moro reflex.
  • Limit reflux problems.
  • Minimize the risk of flat head.
  • Encourage baby's balanced development. 
  • Certified and marked with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label
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Recommended for babies 0-3 months.

This product comes with 1-year warranty from date of purchase.

The Cocoonababy® nest includes:

  • an adjustable wedge which can be moved down the nest as your baby grows
  • a Fleur de Coton® fitted sheet (machine washable at 30°C). Additional fitted sheets are available in other colours.
  • a waterproof sheet (machine washable at 60°C)
  • a Fleur de Coton® Tummy band which maintains the child in an ideal position without impeding his freedom of movement
  • A reusable transport bag

Tummy Band which retains baby in place, keeps him or her in the correct position. It also helps reassure and calm baby without hindering freedom of movement.  It is an integral part of the product and must be used at all times with the Cocoonababy®.

Adjustable, removable wedge (situated below the fitted sheet) which allows baby to lie on his back in a semi-foetal position and to be wedged in the nest at the correct height.


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 How does the Cocoonababy® Nest promote such deep sleep?


 A feeling of peace and calm, in a space reminiscent of the mother’s womb…

Thanks to the enveloping shape of the ergonomic nest, your baby lies in a semi-foetal position, which helps to reassure baby and promotes deep sleep.

The contact of baby’s shoulders and arms against the cocoon limits the effect of the Moro (‘startle’) reflex, preventing unnecessary disturbances during your baby’s natural sleep cycles.


A combination of supportive and reactive foams, allowing baby to move freely and safely (unlike memory foam)…

Freedom of head movement limits the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).



A comfortable body alignment — especially the head, hips and shoulders…

The cocoon’s slightly inclined position helps prevent and relieve symptoms of gastric reflux and colic, while the positioning of the hips and knees is ideal for baby’s physical development. 

When baby is awake, the slight incline also encourages interaction between you and your baby, as they don’t stare directly up at the ceiling.


An ergonomic design that evolves as baby grows…

The cocoon ‘wedge’ is repositionable with simple velcro fastenings and can be easily adjusted as baby grows, then later removed when it is no longer necessary.


A perfectly hygienic mattress…

The Cocoonababy® foam is protected by two removable, breathable and washable covers: A waterproof protective cover, and a fitted cotton sheet.


Look at the position of the baby in and out of the nest. It is clear to see that the baby’s position in the nest is optimal for both comfort and support.



Using the Cocoonababy® Safely

Your baby’s safety is always our number one priority. However, as with any product, it needs to be used safely. We advise all parents to read this page of safety advice and to watch the video at the top of this page prior to using your new Cocoonababy® Nest…

Using the Cocoonababy® Nest Safely At Home

Abide by these safety standards when using the Cocoonababy® Nest at home:

  • Cocoonababy® size 3 is available for home use, 
  • Suited for babies weighing 2.8kg and above,
  • Can be used up until your child starts attempting to roll or change position in the nest (about 4 months of age),
  • Cease using at approximately 4 months of age,
  • Can be used in a cot or cradle with sides at least 39cms in height (at least 20cm higher than the nest), 
  • If used outside of a cot or cradle, it must be placed on the floor and never on a raised surface,
  • Always place your baby on its back in the Cocoonababy®,
  • IMPORTANT – Do not use the Babynomade blanket when your child is in the Cocoonababy® Nest. For safety reasons, babies should not sleep with any coverings on their head or face. 



  • Fabric content:  
  • Foam : 100% PU
  • Fitted sheet : 100% cotton / wadding 100% polyester.     
  • Protective cover : 100% Tencel®.   
  • Membrane: 100 % PU. 
  • Tummy band : 100% cotton / 100% polyester wadding.
  • Care: Machine washable textiles: Full protective cover at 60°, Tummy band and fitted sheet at 30°.
  • Safety standard: Conforms to bedding regulations n° 2000-164 of 23 February 2000.
  • Conforms to safety requirements. 
  • Weight: 1 kg - Dimensions (L x w x h) : 69 x 40 x 19 cm. 
  • For use: from birth (from 2.8 kg / 6lb 2.7oz) and until the child starts trying to turn over or to adopt a different position
  • It can be used until the baby is 3 months old.
  • The tummy band has been created with a view to preventing the child's very first movements which could not have been anticipated, but, in no case does it restrain a child who is too old to be placed in the Cocoonababy®.  

WARNING: Do not use the Cocoonababy® if it is not complete.

  • For use: In a cot. Ensure that the cot base is in the lowest position, that the depth with the cot mattress is greater than 50cm and that the surface is flat. 
  • It can also be used on the floor if placed on a clean carpet, rug or playmat.  

IMPORTANT: Do not use in a Moses basket, a rocking cradle, or in a stroller carrycot.

  • In the Cocoonababy®, baby has freedom of head movement and can turn his or her head to left and to right. Should baby be attracted to the light from a window or sounds in another room or outdoors, regularly turn the position of the Cocoonababy® 180° in the cot to encourage baby to look to both sides.
  • And don't forget, whenever baby is awake, take him or her out of the Cocoonababy® and carry baby in your arms as often as possible, or in a sling, baby loves being held close to you!  


Origins of the Cocoonababy® Nest…

The Cocoonababy® was created in 1995 by Daniele Salducci, a paediatric physiotherapist at the Early Medico-Social Action Centre in Marseille, France.

By observing the needs of the babies she was treating, Daniele Salducci, started to design and make mattresses which would enable newborns to make movements similar to those made inside their mother’s womb. 

The initial stage was to medically research and to determine a posture for the premature baby which could be described as a ‘follow-up womb'. The parameters were based on the vital functions (heart, oxygenation, and respiration), the sleep patterns and the level of the influence of stress on various pathologies. The second stage was the postural research. The ‘follow-up womb’ posture is determined by the support given, the way the baby is held tightly or ‘contained’ and the curled up posture of the child’s body.”

Daniele Salducci and the team soon realised that the benefits reaped by the premature babies would also apply to full-term babies. After several more years of research and a partnership with RED CASTLE®, these nests are now available internationally for use at home. 

Today the Cocoonababy® is used by thousands of health care professionals (mid-wives, osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists, etc.) in hospitals, medical and maternity clinics.

Approved by professionals in the neonatal field to assist in the development of premature babies, the Cocoonababy® meets all applicable regulatory requirements (Bedding Decree No. 2000-164 of 23/02/2000 as well as all safety requirements).

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