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Pupsik Pouch Baby Sling - Metro

Pupsik Pouch Baby Sling - Metro

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Pupsik baby pouches are all made from stretchable cotton sateen that is soft and comfortable to use. Our stylish pouches come in 4 different sizes to suit the person using the pouch. The same size can be used on the same baby from birth till toddler (professionally tested up to 16kg). You will be changing the carry position of baby in the pouch (from a cradle carry to sitting position) to suit him as he grows.

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Finding your pouch size

Please find your pouch size using the chart provided below. You should choose a size based on the weight range of the person carrying the baby. If you are currently pregnant, please choose a pouch correspending to your weight before you got pregnant.

You can also find out your pouch size with the help of our sizing calculator HERE. Do note that the recommended size is just a suggestion as most people can wear 2 different sizes depending on whether they prefer a tighter of looser fit.


Have a question about our pouch? Please click on the FAQ button below

You can also cliick on the links below for more infomation on the following

  1. Benefits of babywearing
  2. Video Instructions (according to different carry positions)
  3. Safety
  4. Pictures of our lovely customers who own a Pupsik pouch!

Demo Video

Rough Measurements:


  • X = 22.5 in
  • Y = 25 in
  • Z = 20.5 in


  • X = 23.5 in
  • Y = 26 in
  • Z = 20.8 in


  • Y = 27.5 in
  • X = 25 in
  • Z = 21 in
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