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Pupsik Bamboo Nursing Pads (4 pairs)

Pupsik Bamboo Nursing Pads (4 pairs)

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Pupsik Bamboo Nursing Pads are soft, round washable pads for nursing mothers to slip into their bra to absorb breastmilk. These nursing pads absorb so well that you will hardly feel an ounce of moisture or discomfort.

  • Made of bamboo fabric
  • Waterproof side to prevent leakage
  • Bamboo ultra absorbent and comfortable, better option than cotton
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Washable and reusable
  • Wear it for day and night

Comes with FREE Pupsik Mini Wet Bag! Designs vary and cannot be chosen.




  • Nursing pad: 12cm diameter, 3mm thickness
  • Mini Wet Bag: 19cm x 14cm

How To Wear

  1. You will notice one side has a smooth white surface, the other is a soft cream surface.
  2. The white colour side is the waterproofing, which should face your bra, away from your skin.
  3. The cream colour side is the absorbent side that should be lying against your skin.
  4. Adjust the positioning of your pad in a way that works best for you.
  5. Change your pads frequently, as prolonged wear may result in leakage and nipple/skin irritation


Tip: Wash 2-3 times before using to get better absorbency! The more you wash, the softer they get.

Why go for Pupsik Bamboo Nursing Pads?

  • Waterproof side to prevent leakage
  • Bamboo side absorbs moisture better than cotton - more comfort for you
  • Washable and reusable - more eco-friendly than disposable nursing pads  
  • Economical - instead of always purchasing new sets of uncomfortable disposable nursing pads, these trusty washable pads can be worn again and again
  • Reduce chance of skin and nipple irritation - soft bamboo is always better than coarse synthetic cotton in dispoable nursing pads
  • Bamboo is more breathable and soothing on chafed and sensitive nipples
  • Use as sponge to wash face, body and more when you are no longer nursing

Washing Instructions

  1. Place in water and squeeze out as much accumulated breastmilk as you can from the pad. Do not twist or wring, as it will cause pad to deform.
  2. Hand wash or machine wash with half strength detergent
  3. For machine wash, place pads in a small laundry wash bag to protect it. Do not wash it with very dirty laundry (e.g. soiled nappies, clothing) - the nursing pads is almost in contact with your baby's mouth! Do not use fabric softeners.
  4. Line to dry or tumble them dry on low heat. Note: Heat causes shrinking!
  5. If still a little damp after tumbling dry, flatten out creases on your nursing pad and hang dry, with bamboo (cream colour) side exposed to sun. 

FREE Mini Wet Bag! Designs will vary:

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