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Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat - Berry Blue

Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat - Berry Blue

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Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat without straps is perfect for big kids at meal-time, TV-time or anytime at home. Waterproof, portable and slip resistant. Soft foam protects furniture from scratches.

What we love about this product:

  1. Perfect for mealtimes, TV time or anytime at home
  2. Non-slip base, lightweight, easy-to-clean, waterproof, soft foam boosterSEAT
  3. Made of high density foam for comfort
  4. Waterproof, portable, slip resistant and protects furniture from scratches
  5. Easy to wipe clean
  6. Great for outdoors and indoors
  7. 2 years+; seat weight: 2.7lbs / 1.2kg
  8. Provides a 3 inch lift; measures 5 inches high on the side and 7 inches high in the back
  9. Seat width 10.5 inches

Product Specification:

  • Material: high density foam
  • Dimensions: 34 x 33 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

When using your Soft Booster Seat on the Ground:

It is best to position the Soft Booster Seat on the ground (preferably carpeted ground) away from sharp or hard objects, furniture or power cables.

When using your Soft Booster Seat on a Chair:

For comfort and safety, Soft Booster Seat should always be positioned so that the base of the SEAT is positioned horizontally on a suitable chair with 4 legs, a back, and a seat base larger than the base of the Soft Booster Seat. (Please note that chairs without back support or with openings in the back that exceed a height of 10 inches should not be used with the Soft Booster Seat). When securing Soft Booster Seat to a suitable chair, center the seat on the chair and then position it as closely to the chair-back as possible. Never place the Soft Booster Seat to swivel chairs or chairs with wheels, and never use in a bath, automobile or on a raised surface other than a suitable chair.

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