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Plan Toys Nursery Room Set

Plan Toys Nursery Room Set

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Plan Toys Nursery Room Set is a wooden doll nursery room set that includes a drawer chest, a crib with a mobile attached, a high chair, a stroller, and a baby. Everything you need to set up a nursery for the arrival of the new baby doll. The bright furniture and accessories create a lovely atmosphere for baby, and make the perfect addition to your wooden doll house.

  • Included in this set: a baby doll, a drawer with built-in changing table, a stroller, a high chair, and a crib with a mobile and bedding. 
  • Special attention to detail; drawer even has a built-in change table
  • Crib measures 2.75" L x 4.25" W x and 3" H (approx)
  • Natural wood in color with bright colored accents
  • Great size for little hands
  • Made from all natural organic recycled rubber wood

Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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