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Pitter Patter Ballet Baby Shoes - Liquorice

Pitter Patter Ballet Baby Shoes - Liquorice

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Pitter Patter Ballet Baby Shoes are soft ballet slippers created with soft genuine cow leather to provide maximum flexibility and protection for your baby's growing feet. Designed around the ballet slipper concept, the soft soles in our baby shoes allow tiny feet to breathe and flex naturally, while enabling toes and muscles in your baby's feet to feel the ground. The inner soles of Pitter Patter shoes are lined natural leather with a slight padding for comfort. A thin elasticised band holds the shoe securely in place, so your child may move about freely without the shoe slipping off.

  • Made from genuine cow leather to provide maximum flexibility  and protection
  • Soft soles to allow feet to breathe and flex naturally
  • Suede leather in-soles with slight padding for added comfort
  • Thin elasticised band to hold shoe securely in place

Due to the handmade nature of this shoe, do note that no 2 shoes are identical. This is a soft shoe and is meant to adapt to the shape of your child’s feet as they grow.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

*Due to different screen resolutions, actual colour may be darker than image.


Size Months Length (cm)
XXS 0-3 9.5
S 0-6 10.5
M 6-12 12.5
L 12-18 13.5
XL 18-24 14.5

Medical experts and podiatrists agree that soft sole leather shoes that mimic bare feet are the best choice for prewalkers. Babies' feet are delicate and pliable, and require shoes that allow feet to strengthen and develop naturally. This is essential for developing good posture and balance as your little one learns to crawl and walk. 


Pitter Patter Baby Shoes, Chocolate


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