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Pigeon Baby Teether - Gear

Brand Pigeon

Pigeon Baby Teether - Gear

Brand Pigeon
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Pigeon Baby Teether is a gear-shaped teether and rattle for baby. Let baby soothe their teething gums and play with this teether-toy-rattle.

  • Ring shaped for baby to grab easily
  • Grooves that help to soothe baby's gums
  • Different texture and hardness for baby to experience, stimulate children's tactile and grasp ability
  • Vivid color to stimulate the baby's sensitivity to color and preferences
  • Beads in the teether that rattle and make sounds to stimulate baby's hearing ability
  • Sensory toys to inspire children's intelligence, hand-eye coordination in the game to stimulate the development of the senses

Recommended for babies 3+ months.



This product is a JDM product – manufactured specifically for Japan Domestic market and usually regarded by consumers to be of superior quality compared to Japanese products made for export. All packaging are in Japanese.

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