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Parklon Silky PE Folding Playmat (200 x 140cm) - Remang

Parklon Silky PE Folding Playmat (200 x 140cm) - Remang

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Parklon Silky PE Folding Playmat is a lightweight, portable and comfortable-to-use playmat made from PE and Silky Fabric.  Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used as a baby/toddler playmat and also as a picnic mat for the family. It is also a great gift idea! The fabric feel surface is comfortable to sit and lie on and the waterproof top coating makes it easy to clean and maintain. The edges are neatly sewn. The underside is with non-slip surface. The 8mm-thick cushioning also provides an ideal area for toddlers to play on. 

  • Made of PE and Silky Fabric
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use 
  • Unique "Silky" feel, soft to the touch
  • Soft and comfortable to sit and lie on 
  • Waterproof top coating
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Non-slip under surface

Dimensions: 2100 x 1400 x 8mm 
Weight: 1.50kg +-

Note: Due to the material property that is slightly stretchable, please allow a 3-5% tolerance in size.

*Due to the nature of the material, PE mats may be less resistant to potential damage caused by sharp objects or abrasions. Customers are to check the playmat upon receipt to ensure that it is in good condition before use. Any issues have to be REPORTED ON THE DAY OF RECEIPT. Original plastic packaging has to be kept. Failure to adhere to these conditions will void manufacturer's warranty.

Bumper Playmat VS PE mat - what are the differences?

Bumper Playmat is made of soft PVC which is formulated with specially refined plasticizer that is highly flexible and resilient.  It absorbs impact when babies or kids hit against it. These PVC mats are heavier than PE folding mat but they are more durable.

PE folding mat is made of PE (polyethylene).  This is a non-toxic material that is widely used in the food packaging industry. It is lightweight and absorbs impact very well.  PE folding mat also insulates cold air and humidities.

While they both serve to provide cushioning on the floor, the PE folding mat is not as durable but it is more portable and can also be used outdoor.


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